Who She Was: A Sylvia Wilcox Mystery - Braylee Parkinson

Who She Was: A Sylvia Wilcox Mystery

By Braylee Parkinson

  • Release Date: 2019-08-01
  • Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers
Score: 4.5
From 1,198 Ratings


What readers are saying aboutWho She Was:

"YES!! I don't usually do reviews but this book is exceptionally good. Well written, realistic and contains good values!"

Customer Review

"Really enjoyed the book. Different concept on the case. I didn't figure it out till the end which is unusual. Good read. Will check on all your books. Thanks!"

Customer Review

"Love it, good storyline well written couldn't bare to put it down till finished."

Customer Review

"Loved the plot. Lots of twists and turns . Race was definitely dealt with in a very positive manner. Great book!"

Customer Review

"I enjoyed the beginning of the series! It has nonstop clues to discovering who the killer really is. I loved the main character's. I enjoyed the persistence of the main character in solving the crime. I will be following this author for more of course! The book has no down time and won't disappoint!"

Customer Review

A grieving husband walks into Sylvia Wilcox's private detective agency on Christmas Eve, and asks her to solve his wife's murder. The husband, Carson Stark, can't understand why his wife, Liza, was in one of Detroit's worst neighborhoods, or why anyone would want to kill her. The police suspect infidelity, but a review of the case files and information leading up to Liza's murder, fails to produce any evidence of disloyalty on Liza's part. As Sylvia works diligently to follow up on any and all leads, she is continuously met with roadblocks thrown up by secrets and lies from Liza's mysterious past. 


  • Who she was

    By Clean romancer
    Good reading. Really liked the story development.
  • Awesome read

    By OMG987654321
    Author gets you interest within the first few lines. Did not want to put it down. Interesting turn of events.
  • Who She Was

    By mixdgirl2018
    Ok while reading this book, I kept thinking it was so obvious and predictable who the killer was. I WAS SOOO WRONG, OMG, you must read this. It’s fast paced action & you just can’t stop reading. Only question is....Who was still sending money????
  • Who She Was

    By Sunny Stamp
    “Who She Was” is a really good story with many twists that keep you guessing. You feel a pull for each of the characters many of whom come from backgrounds we can’t fathom. If you like a good mystery without a ton of curse words this book is for you.
  • Good old crime read

    By sula br
    The story line is good and it has a good twist.
  • Who She Was

    By honest48
    A bit slow at times, but original. Sylvia Wilcox is cool.
  • I’m hooked

    By McCaleb Home Designs
    This was a great surprise. I wasn’t expecting much to be honest, I was just looking for a quick detective story to read before bed BUT now I’m hooked. Love the main character and I’ll be buying the sequel the minute I finish this review. If you like detective/crime stories and if you are a Peter James/Roy Grace fan, you’ll love this.
  • Just OK

    By Voratious Reader
    The pacing was a little slow for my liking.
  • Fabulous!

    By francineda
    Couldn’t put it down. Good read.
  • Who She Was

    By daja1018
    Excellent read