Illuminate - Ash D. Solomon


By Ash D. Solomon

  • Release Date: 2019-08-05
  • Genre: Spirituality


Predestined Purpose in Life, speaking a strange language, unexplained talents, memories otherwise impossible, are some of our reincarnating evidence we have in these lives or other lives. Why does our possible past life recall fade through life? Is it only us humans that transmigrate – or does every living creature live a Never Ending Story?

Pablo Picasso, Blaise Pascal, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart are just a few names that are synonymous with 'Child Prodigy'. How did such humans in such early life develop such maturity in their fields so quickly? Freak Evolution, Divine Intervention, Previous life consciousness spill-over or Past Life abilities passed along? – Or Transmigration of the Spirit?

An explanation for this 'improbable knowledge' is telepathy, however telepathy wouldn't show such bias and isolated shared experiences of knowledge or higher callings. Telepathy is far more in the here and now. Reincarnation Recall, however, is far more highly accepted as the clearly remembered experiences or mysteriously acquired knowledge as far more personal (spiritual) and 'actually lived' first hand by the recipient.

Alternative explanations are that telepathy becomes the device, for the recipient to take on this knowledge or experiences, at a precise time of passing from the sender spirit. In any form, a question remains that why is it mainly children who are the recipients of these telepathic gifts? In either theory or reality, whether it is purely reincarnation or telepathy or both (as a device) they are still ultimately separated by the outcomes.