Shapers Of A Perfect Universe - Ash D. Solomon

Shapers Of A Perfect Universe

By Ash D. Solomon

  • Release Date: 2019-09-06
  • Genre: Philosophy


The number patterns being discovered or created!   Human Smarts versus Artificial Smarts and is it even a question?
Cognition of the Human-Kind: created in the image of us, performed by machines and given momentum by us, for us – 'The Biological Intelligent.'

Computer algorithms that shape the instructions for the machines, they shape the artificial neural network like ribbons sphering their way across. Just as every single thing has a mathematical formula – creating the code OR discovering the code Is The Question!

When do numbers start to exist? Just like our human consciousness really exists because of human consciousness – a paradox. Numbers or code or algorithms exist once we are aware of them? 

The old 'head in the sand' saying for if on the other end of the universe we discover a calling card answer to life echoing back to earth, surely there is life in the universe that is depending on others for scientific enlightenment. 

Will humans one day endeavour to become the police of the universe? The science gurus of the universe? The saviours? For becoming the police of the universe one merely needs to demonstrate sophisticated scientific wonder and great mediating prowess.