Visionary Blind Lady Justice Blind History - Ash D. Solomon

Visionary Blind Lady Justice Blind History

By Ash D. Solomon

  • Release Date: 2019-09-06
  • Genre: Ancient


Historical events through time have had a strange ability in answering each other's questions, and the dynamics of events working in opposite directions have an even uncannier ability in cancelling each other's trails. Large jolts in history such as wars, revolutions and natural catastrophes nevertheless have had very little direct effect on human-societal evolution, but what do we know, when all we see is the current viewpoints of the victors?

Humankind doesn't choose circumstances in which to determine our own unique vantage points, but our choice of optimism, (or lack of), is in itself our only truth that superimpose our every twist and turn. We build our own histories, but in retrospect, we do not always build them as we saw the original canvas. We inherit from the past more than just the monetary and mistakes of others, but every by-product of actions, thoughts and energies subsequently left behind, filling the void from moment to moment.

The discontinuities of events and the scarcity of unbiased notetakers make it further rare to grasp the 'real' testimonies of our past. In any event there are victors/survivors and there are the fallen/forgotten. Whichever the motivation, geographical conquest, wartime defence or natural disaster, the non survivors usually do not have a voice to state or defend their side of the story.