Cathedral - Addison Cain


By Addison Cain

  • Release Date: 2019-11-18
  • Genre: Fairy Tales, Myths & Fables
Score: 4.5
From 22 Ratings


"Addison Cain's writing blows me away each time!" NYT Bestselling author Anna Zaires

My love for her is forbidden.

When the princess was placed in my care, the devil ordered that I never show his daughter mercy, affection, or a gentle hand.

To keep her safe from the denizens of our dark king's Cathedral, Jade's life as my ward has been pitiless. She despises me.

Yet I am utterly, irrevocably in love.

Infamous for my coldness, unquestioned in my fealty, the devil forgets that there are older, more terrible monsters in the dark—and I have sold my soul to the most ancient of evil so that Jade might one day be mine.

CATHERDRAL is a standalone novel in the Cradle of Darkness series culminating in an HEA. The horror prequel, Catacombs, will enrich the experience of this book but is not necessary.


  • Love, love, loved

    By MaddieE72
    Man, this book plays tricks with your mind and then some. A take off dark, twisted, craziness and so much steam that it's going to make your head spin.
  • Dark and twisted in the best way

    By Kasey.Marie
    Addison Cain is a Goddess when it comes to the dark and macabre. Once again I spent my night devouring her new twisted tale of steamy vampires, violence, and manipulation. Every page had me craving the next and I couldn’t put it down. Cathedral definitely has a way of making you question your morals and your deepest, darkest desires. Just the way I like it!
  • Could not be more perfect

    By Gl0ssbones
    The evolution of pacing for this story is everything to satisfy your heart's desires. Trapped in an incurious cycle of defeat, degradation and humiliation, Jade's escape and rehabilitation is deftly handled by the author, Addison Cain. Jade's transformation is so beautifully done with meticulous care given to her mental and physical state. All the while, devoted Malcom stands sentinel. I was impressed and floored by the pacing of the story. Not once did it seem that the ending was wrapped up conveniently or in a hurried state. Nor was a magic wand waved to fix all of the female protagonist's issues. They are still there, but the raw captivated glimpses belie her fragile new state. It's a fantastic underdog story with all the gravitas of birthright and rightful retribution. Everyone gets what is due to them including Malcom for "he was no gentleman. Gentlemen didn't gain the rank he had in my father's court. They didn't [...] steal the princesses for themselves." Who knew Addison Cain could write a sumptuous, riveting, and gratifying Happily Ever After book. It's a new take on paranormal vampires set in New York like everyone else's favorite assassin who happens to love dogs. It's modern with real current events playing in. This complete book can be devoured over and over again without worrying about diminishing returns. Looking forward to what comes next with The Relic.
  • Love love love!

    By smrae
    Chillingly dark, vicious and very sexy! The story of Jade and her mission to reclaim her life from the darkness of the underworld is very well done! The author did a phenomenal job in keeping the reader at the edge of their seat and cheering for the heroine to find love in the darkest of places. Jade is strong but so vulnerable and the journey she endures in this book is intense but so worth the struggle. Some hidden gems in this book that will not disappoint! Definitely recommend!
  • Addison Cain meets Vampires

    By Eric122805
    I’m not sure how a story can be so dark, but end so well. Especially since Addison Cain enjoys torturing her characters so much. If you are new to Cain’s writing this would be the perfect book to start with. It’s dark, but not as soul crushing (in a good way) as some of her other stories. It’s the perfect book if you are looking for intense, but still light. Malcolm loves and protects Jade from afar as much as he can without giving himself away to her father. Even having to watch her relationships with other men play out in front of him.
  • Oh so good

    By EstherJ
    So much better than I could have hoped. I came into this reading believing this would be a dark depraved read, but it was surprisingly uplifting. The darkness is there, but it is balanced with incredibly intimate moments that make you live the characters that Addison Cain creates. You love them for the bad as much as for the good and it’s so satisfying.
  • Dark, Yet Delicious!!

    By KSON77
    When your father is Satan, your life is not necessarily your own. Certain rules must be followed or there are consequences. Your boyfriend wants to install his pregnant girlfriend in your house you realize there are boundaries even you are not willing to cross. Your hated guardian says he loves you. You learn you cannot trust your own memories. Intricate tale of twists and turns, loyalties and treason. Unlike any other story. This will keep you captivated!! **I am voluntarily leaving my honest review of this book**
  • Better than ever!

    By Twisty_Corner
    Addison Cain just keeps getting better. I don't think she has had a miss yet! In this we get the continuation of Macolm and Jade's story and I must say that it was spectacular. I liked being able to have an insight into Macolm's head for a change. (Normally, the stories rarely feature the men's insight with few exceptions) I love Jade. I love Malcom. Reading about Jade's tragic upbringing was heart wrenching and truly gave a great backdrop and background to Jade who is admittedly a spoiled brat. But! Completely understandable. The darkest parts of her past were gag worthy. Her helplessness as she was twisted and warped mentally by her deranged father truly gave her the humanization she desperately needed to not be a complete villain. Addison writes good tragedy. And can't wait to hear more from one of my favorites! I NEED resolution for her story. I also would like a nice stand off between her and Jade. I was a bit upset at Jade's reaction before I realized what it must've looked like to her to see this woman at her important day with no warning.
  • definite must read for paranormal romance readers!

    By Mochabreeze
    I received this book for an honest ARC. First let me start by saying “Wow”. I liked the idea behind the story. I like stories that aren't going to fit perfectly into what we seem to think is believable - isn't that why we choose to read fantasy books. I love vampires! This story has many things a fan of the genre looks for. It's sensual, exciting, mysterious and fun. The main characters both have what it takes to rule. The chemistry is so hot I felt it coming off the pages. There are so many characters that add to this page turning story and this love story is epic. This a well written paranormal, romance, thrill and suspense story. Open your mind and get ready to dive deep into some hot reading. A definite must read for paranormal romance readers!
  • Sweet Holy Hell

    By MagicalRi
    The level of dark depraved debauchery that this author hits when she writes a new book is truly out of this world. Every book, I think that there is no way that she can outdo what she has done before. I need to quit saying that (or do I?) because it is almost as if she hears me and picks up that gauntlet and runs with it. EVERY. TIME. The first part of this book includes the portion that was in the Vampire anthology so for anyone that hasn't read that will not be lost. I am glad for this because the author had me swiping faster than someone looking for love on Tinder. To say that it was gruesome and horrifying would be an understatement because the life that Jade has had to endure via the hands of her satanic father was heartbreaking. All she wanted was to be loved and understood and not used as a bargaining vessel and by vessel I really mean vagina. I wasn't sure how she would ever get to that point being that she was so prized as a daywalker. Yet, I could tell that there was definitely more to the story by the little hidden pieces or easter eggs that were given. AND sweet holiest of titfires was I right. Malcolm and Jade have history here. There is an additional player in this as well, one that you cannot quite tell what his motive is. Is he worse? Or is he better? As this story starts to come together the missing fragments or pieces come together and everything starts falling in place. The twists that come out... I so wasn't prepared for this. The connection and devotion that Malcolm shows Jade was truly sweet. He was in it to play the long game. Every interaction and word spoken was intentional and I admired him for that. His methods might have seemed harsh when in reality he just needed her to see and truly remember. The steam between these two. Sweet LAWD. I hope they bought stock in furniture and a handyman for repairs because these two were a maelstrom of EPIC proportions. I loved how the author gave me a chance to savor the truths that I discovered as well as to see the motivations or feelings from the characters as they processed everything from emotions to reasons that things were unfolding as they were. I enjoyed how this book ended. It gave enough closure into Jade and Malcolm that I felt it was complete. Although it did set up a world in which other stories could be told which makes my heart happy, and truth be told, my therapist will be happier from all the additional money she will make from my increased visits. I will say it time and time again that this author is one of the best for a reason. She has no qualms about writing about things that are uncomfortable and that teeter on the precipice of morally bankrupt. I cannot recommend this story enough.