The Signal part 5. Liev Malik. - Joe King

The Signal part 5. Liev Malik.

By Joe King

  • Release Date: 2019-11-17
  • Genre: Science Fiction


As this epic Sci fi concludes, Ava has finally discovered how to correct all her mistakes, but like everything she is learning about humans, they never do as she predicts. Liev Malik is the only one who can change the past to recover a possible future.

Time again is running out to spot the planet from regressing into anarchy. With each Nexus point returned to, a new wave of destruction threatens all life on Earth. Nova, the nemesis Ava must destroy, is also learning and planning to preserve her own self inside the invisible world she resides. But not for the greater good of the human species, she wants the world for herself. As Liev Maliks life gets turned inside out, and Ava trying to figure out how to reverse all that the Earth has gone through, Liev Malik is once again called up on to rid the planet of those that have wrought havoc as his role is made clear. Kill, with no remorse for those select few that believe their own interests are greater than the masses.

Ava must leave no traces of her existence behind but falling in love is something she had never planned for and doubts emerge on what she must do. Wrestling with her own emotions, there were only ever one real choice, but other people with their own ideas trying to stop her, the utopian nexus she must find was never going to be easy but leaving Rebecca will be the hardest thing she has ever had to do.