A Night by my Fire - Addison Cain

A Night by my Fire

By Addison Cain

  • Release Date: 2019-12-09
  • Genre: Romance
Score: 4.5
From 27 Ratings


"With her signature blend of raw primal passion and emotion, Addison Cain brings us a hot read guaranteed to warm up anyone's winter night!" –Zoe Blake, USA TODAY bestselling author

An assassin's vow of chastity must never waver. To crave the flesh is to be distracted. To fail.

Yet desire takes hold of reason each time he looks at River, his uninvited savior—the crass woman offering him shelter through a raging blizzard.

Stranded together in her cabin, it's impossible to resist. The way her lips part as she sleeps, those soft brown eyes gazing at the fire… and a tongue sharper than any blade he's buried in a target's ribs.

He's never known a woman, but her? He's going to learn every last inch of River before the snow breaks.

A Night by my Fire is a stand-alone novella that contains no cliffhangers. Need to warm up in front of a fire? Wrap yourself in a soft blanket and enjoy!


  • Spend A Night by MY Fire

    By Kasey.Marie
    Having read everything by Addison Cain I was super thrilled to see that she was re-releasing her very first story I had not gotten my hands on yet. I was not disappointed. A Night by my Fire starts off as a complete gender switch that we don’t normally see in romance novels. A woman finds a helpless man on the verge of death in the lake and reluctantly takes him back to her secluded house and nurses him back to health. What I loved about the story was it wasn’t an instant romance. It takes a lot for the two characters to get along at the beginning and finally concluding with a hot steamy night by the fire. Definitely worth a quick read. The ending left me speechless.
  • Short and Spicy

    By Twisty_Corner
    This book like all books Addison Cain writes is awesomely creative. How many of us have read the trope where the anti-hero falls into the lap of the heroine forcing her to take care of the manly man while injured? She put her own spin on it like she does everything else and it came out awesome! This is a shorter novel so not technically a full novel. That said as exasperatingly usual she leaves us wanting more. More resolution, more contact (wink, wink) and more story. The heroine is straight from one of those Alaskan bush reality TV shows. She independent, strong and wily. The "hero" is a straight up conscienceless killer. Like usual. But also, like usual, she makes you ache inexplicably for the journey that got them there. The heroine at one point said that this wasn't a fairy tale with some happy ending and I guess I suppose it isn't. With more of HEAFN than anything. That said I do hope we see them crash together again. Knocked it out of the park like usual Ms. Cain.
  • Short and hot!

    By Mindame
    Anything with addisons name I’ve come to have high expectations! And to learn she’s been holding this one back is painful. It’s a quick hot read to distract and tantalize.
  • Burned!!

    By bellatrix0718
    I wasn’t sitting by the fire when I was reading this story but it sure did feel like it from all the heat that was coming off of the pages! My most favorite thing about Addison Cain as an author is, she knows how to give us, the readers, true depth to her characters. It is like the layers continually opening on a rose, and just when you think that character has reached its bloom, she shows us another level of emotion. But be careful, her characters always come with extremely sharp, abundant thorns. In this story, Miss Cain shakes up what for so long has become an almost question a predictable formula. In A Night by My Fire, it is the male lead that is the left for dead virgin, but by no means is he an innocent. Stephen is saved from sure death by the female lead, river. A competent, non-simpering, strong woman with her own demons haunting her. This complete role reversal of the norm is refreshing, captivating, and had me hooked all the way to the bittersweet end.
  • Quick Steamy read

    By Eric122805
    This was very different than Addison Cain’s other books. Stephen and River’s relationship isn’t a traditional romance, but it’s still tamer than most of her Characters relationships. This is a good tame Addison Cain book for people just entering her world.
  • Warming indeed!

    By RIDdleMeKiss
    The recluse and the handsome stranger. Loved it! It was realistic and engaging and page-turning. I consumed it quickly. I very much enjoyed it and although I understand that we don’t always get happily ever afters, I’d love to hear more about these characters crossing paths in the future.
  • Epic Heat

    By Mochabreeze
    A page turner to the core with the real elements. What a gripping, captivating story That reads so realistic and spellbinding. Loved it. This is an epic story between an unlikely pair. Lots of twists and turns. Addison Cain knows how to tell a story and reel you in every step of the way.I loved everything about the story I want more river and her cabin man. River is tough as nails and doesn’t take any crap. I highly recommend this book once you start you won’t be able to stop.
  • Cold and ruthless- outside and in

    By Nahanea
    A Night by my Fire by author Addison Cain. From zero to sixty in heat and gritty deliciousness. This author sure knows how to keep you captivated- willingly!! Like a wondrous puzzle the pieces just fit. You might not know the whole of it yet it doesn’t even matter the bit of what you have is enough- always enough. If she would give us more I think our world would be blown. But what a way to go!! Enjoy!! I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
  • Great story!

    By smrae
    What an unexpected ride! This story is unique and very sexy. Two characters brought together and forced to endure each others company in a small cabin...what could possibly happen? I enjoyed the characters development for the female and male lead. Their stories are a mystery and I like how the author slowly divulged critical character attributes and situations slowly letting the tension build up for the reader. There are twist and turns and be warned this story leaves you wanting more! Hoping the author continues this series and can’t wait to see what else might happen in the woods. Well done!
  • Good for snowy nights!

    By BCarrill
    Addison Cain's novella A Night by my Fire, is full of surprises! Our heroin, River, is a treat! she is independent, dirty, feisty and doesn’t give a dime about how she looks. Yet, we don’t learn much about how she came to live and be the way she is. It is our “hero”, Stephan, who is always noticing and criticizing her for her lack of womanly graces. Our hero is mysterious, we dont learn a lot about him and I wished we had, since he seem to have and intense and interesting background. In the end the story leaves you wanting more and hopefully Cain will write a follow up to let us know if we get HEA. I give only 4 stars because we are missing background that would make us understand the characters better.