Southern Storm - Natasha Madison

Southern Storm

By Natasha Madison

  • Release Date: 2020-05-19
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4.5
From 275 Ratings


Buried secrets never stay hidden in the South.

 I'm the one who broke up the golden couple. The woman people still whisper about, point at, and give dirty looks to.
Did I sleep with the prom king? No. Did I sleep with the town's golden boy on vacation from college? Yes.
Did I believe that he was going to marry me? Wholeheartedly.
Did he? Not even close. He got engaged right in front of me and then his father threw two hundred dollars at me and told me to take the trash out.
So, I raised my son in a town where people love him because they think that his father is the sheriff.
It was going great, everything was working out till my lie got out.
I was getting ready to take over the mayoral office from my father, who was my hero.
Until I heard the secret he hoped would stay buried forever.
My brother has a son, not just any son but a son with the woman who was my best friend.
The woman I secretly have loved from the moment she stood up to me and broke my nose in kindergarten.
I need to protect her and in order to do that, we need to get married.
Too bad her nightmare is my dream come true. 


  • Wow what a storm!

    By KLHanke
    Complex ..that is the best way to describe these characters and their situation. Savannah is a character quite honestly I wasn't sure I could like...but an important lesson from this book that you can take away, if nothing else, is that it is so easy to judge someone for what you think you know...but things are not always what they seem. Beau has been in love with Savannah all of his life. They have ridden the "friend zone" for so long..but that all changes when a few family secrets are revealed. He has recently been elected Mayor, and his predecessor (his father), is as corrupt as they come. Beau was blind to this, and trying to change this puts Savannah in danger. Great Friends to more troup, and the build up...well it just want to push them together and lock them in a room hot! Great read!
  • Love comes in all forms

    By Lacie Romano
    If you have read the first two books in the Southern Series and didn't like Savannah, all I can say is DO NOT LET THIS STOP YOU FROM READING THIS BOOK! To be honest, I had a lot of anger towards Savannah and was intrigued, yet hesitant, on how Natasha Madison would be able to write a story that I would not only read, but devour and adore, about her. Have no fear! By the end of the first part of this book, I felt so much empathy and heart for her and I was rooting for her. This book shows you, the reader, that there are many sides to people, even ones that you can't imagine. This book was so lovingly written and truly teaches us, the readers, that you cannot judge a book by its cover, a person always by their actions, until we truly see what is going on underneath.
  • Beau and Savannah ❤️❤️

    By Shaniqua Edmunds
    Natasha, you have shined a new light on Savannah. I’m so in love with Beau (Swoon!) ❤️❤️ Great read can’t wait to read Ethan’s book!!!
  • Perfect storm

    By Charisd08
    I received an advanced copy of this book and am choosing to review it. I love this book so much. My heart broke so many times while reading for Savanna and Beau. The love and the chemistry between them is so amazing and beautiful. I cried, laugh, I got mad and felt in love with them. The story is well written with excellent words build with a really good pace. So far this is my favorite book of this series.
  • Each book in this series keeps getting better and better!

    By Samantha B. Sokol
    Each book in this series keeps getting better and better! Finally – the book I was most looking forward to while reading the first one – the secrets and chemistry between best friends Beau and Savannah. After the explosive ending of the previous book, where Beau finds out Savannah’s secret, everything blows up between them. Thankfully, he comes to his senses and repairs the friendship he has with her quickly. Then comes the most frustrating characters ever – these two continue to blindly hide their feelings for each other while everyone else (including their friends) know! The number of times I found myself screaming at the book as I was reading for them to just tell each other how they feel because they felt the same way! Aside from that, we also start to learn how deep the secret Savannah kept actually runs and involves Beau’s family more than surface revealed. I loved the suspenseful aspect of the storyline involving the secrets that Beau’s family had – and I was 100% not expecting the ending! I continue to absolutely love and adore this author and the books she releases – I can never get enough and read her books extremely fast, this one not being an exception. Can’t wait for her next release! I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
  • Loved it!

    By MegM927
    5 Stars Southern Storm by Natasha Madison is the third book in the Southern series. It can be read as a stand-alone, but I do recommend reading the others in the series as well. I’m going to be 100% honest in saying I didn’t know if Ms. Madison was going to be able to change my view on Savannah. Would I even like her? Would knowing more about her change my mind? Even with all of that running through my mind, I dove in head first so excited. I should’ve known that Ms. Madison would be able to change my mind. I seriously loved Savannah and knowing all she went through had my heart breaking. Beau was the perfect hero-strong, sweet, and had a heart of gold. But when he finds out the truth-it may just break him. This book was AMAZING! The writing was exceptional, the characters were incredible, and the storyline was gripping. Highly recommend reading this book!
  • Sunny days ahead!

    By Judy Hartley
    Another great addition to this series! Beau and Savannah are childhood friends, but that friendship turned into love. Unfortunately past events have kept them in the friend zone. But what happens when the past catches up to them and secrets are revealed? Could this be their chance for a happily ever after? Read this emotional heartfelt book to see how two people can finally come together for their HEA after the clouds of the past clear.
  • Outstanding!!

    By Yoli277
    This series has been nothing short of amazing and Southern Storm (Southern Series #3) has completely and utterly blown me away!!! I knew that Beau and Savannah’s story was going to be heavy, heart wrenching and filled with angst. And not only was it all of those things, but it was brilliant and creatively written. My heart and my mind wasn’t ready for the secrets, the lies and jaw dropping surprises. Hands down, Southern Storm is the BEST book in this series so far and one of my top favorite books of 2020. If you’ve read Southern Chance and Southern Comfort then you have an idea of the pain and heartache that Savannah has gone through. The poor girl was literally the black sheep of her small town however, things aren’t always what they seem. My heart went out to her. She possessed an incredible amount of strength, courage, there was a lot depth to her and she’s definitely my favorite character in this series. And Beau was a wonderful, passionate and strong alpha and his love for Savannah ran so deep. He’s always been secretly in love with her and when danger arose and threatened Savannah, he proved that he would protect her at all costs. Their undeniable chemistry was perfection and once again Natasha Madison never disappoints when it comes to hot and steamy sex as these two definitely burned up the sheets!! Get ready for one heck of an emotional and intense ride. Trust me, it’s well worth it.
  • Storm of emotions!

    By BethAtkinsBeeson
    No sleep because I read cover to cover in one sitting? Worth it! Natasha Madison may be the only author who could take a character that I loathed and make me love!!! Savannah and Beau are everything. Makes me ask the question what if? Did the choices that they (and their friends) made when they were young and naive and the feelings they kept hidden from one another alter their lives forever? Or shape them into the adults they became and made it possible to overcome their pasts and make their lives fuller and richer (don’t mean $$$)??? Love this southern series so much and I absolutely cannot wait for Ethan’s story! Another 5 star read for me!
  • Emotional, angst-filled and captivaating!

    By Virna Thompson
    I was not sure how I would feel about Southern Storm by Natasha Madison. Do not get me wrong, I love her books, but I was unsure of Savannah. I really disliked her in the first book, but I should have known the author would give us more depth to this character so we could understand her better. Savannah was strong, but also vulnerable, but her choices were not always the right ones. I just loved Beau! He was protective and caring and so very determined. I loved the back and forth between them and watching slowly realize the truth between them. Southern Storm by Natasha Madison was an emotional and angst-filled story. Happy reading!