Hard to Lose - K. Bromberg

Hard to Lose

By K. Bromberg

  • Release Date: 2021-03-30
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4.5
From 215 Ratings


New York Times bestselling author, K. Bromberg, brings you a romance about love, forgiveness, and living every day to the fullest. 

I know finding and signing a military vet to the agency is a long shot--but it’ll be good press just letting him try out. That’s what I tell my family, rather than admit I can’t get the letter he wrote us five years ago out of my head. 

But what I tell the bartender in his hometown is a lie. I know veterans protect each other. So I pretend to be a graduate student. 

Sparks. Flame. Fire. I accidentally got in too deep.

I didn’t expect to develop feelings for Gunner Camden.

And there’s no way I can admit to my lies now, not without destroying what we share. So I’ll keep faking it.


There are two versions of me: before, and after deployment.

Back then I was a screwup kid. I’d lie, cheat, and steal my way out of everything. My only love was baseball.

After I started fighting, I found out there had been another path for me. One that involved my dream. But by then I had seen too much. 

The old me was dead, so I put my dreams to rest, too.

Then Chase Kinkade walks into my bar and reminds me that life is meant to live. No regrets.

Fresh. Happy. Hopeful. I can start to see a new dream, with her.

But sometimes things are too good to be true… and dishonesty is the one thing I can’t forgive.

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  • OMG

    By ELingal04
    Gunner had my whole heart in this book. Talk about a fairy tale of a man!
  • Loved this soooo much

    By Ashel05
    I could not put this down. All the stars. All. Of. Them. Chase’s story! I have been eagerly awaiting this one! And I 1000% fell in love with Gunner! Talk about an amazing human! A letter lost for 5 years, now found, leads Chase on a hunt to find the author of the letter. Who was an undiscovered baseball phenom. This is the best story. Heat. Heartstrings. And happiness. After years of chaos. I adored this and couldn’t put it down.
  • This Book Is THE ONE

    By coffeegoddesstmk
    Well, it's happened. I have read my most favorite K. Bromberg book of all, and that's saying something, given my rekindled love for Kristy and her writing. Yep, Gunner and Chase totally owned me, and I have nothing but love for their story, HARD TO LOSE. I read a lot of books, and there are plenty that I really like, and that stay with me, and among them there are the ones that dazzle me, that just really resonate for one reason or another. When it comes time for my yearly list of 'Favorite Reads,' it's not so hard to pull one together, because they are the books that I am still thinking about long after I've read them. When I make the list for this year, there's no doubt that HARD TO LOSE will be on it, because I am so in love with this book. Ryan 'Gunner' Camden stole my heart in every single way, not the least of which is the way that he loved Chase Kinkade. For someone that has experienced so much pain and loss, his heart, whether he believes it or not, is wide open, and full of so much love and care for others. And for Chase, driven, self-sufficient, successful Chase, Gunner is just the person that she needs, whether she knows it or not. The two of them together smooth out all of the broken, jagged edges, and make the most beautiful whole. Look, I could obviously go on and on, because this book touched me very much. I have loved the whole Play Hard series, but this book is the one. It's sexy and sweet and redemptive and healing, and I recommend it wholeheartedly. Do yourself a favor and make this a must-read-soon addition to your TBR. ❤️
  • Gunner & Chase blew me away!

    By StephInNOLA
    Gunner. Wow. He was as unexpected as they come. With a name like Gunner, I thought I was meeting a hardened war veteran with nothing to prove. What I found was somebody who touched my heart in places I didn’t know existed. Chase. Unlucky in relationships, uninterested in love, unsure of her future. She saw a chance to bring publicity to the agency from a long lost letter in the mail. What she found changed her world forever. This was one of the most honest, vulnerable, gripping storylines I have read in a long while. Gunner is every dream come true and Chase is someone you should want by your side. Both damaged by loss, riddled with grief that will never go away, but realizing what they needed all along was someone to understand and see the beauty beneath the scars. Such a fitting theme as we are all scarred by the loss of life, livelihood, and normalcy we have endured throughout this pandemic. Seeing that there is a chance at a HEA brings such hope in such dark times. Thank you, Kristy, for another amazing love story that brought me tears of sadness and joy!
  • Wonderfully Written

    By Hmitch76
    Hard to Lose is the youngest Kincaid sister, Chase’s, story. Chase is a high achiever with no time for love. She goes to a small town looking for a former baseball player whose baseball career got sidetracked by the war. Ryan “Gunner” Camden was a wonderful baseball player who was raised by an awful step father who made his life miserable. Gunner had scouts interested in him when he was in college, but had to enlist and serve his country. I loved Gunner! He had a rough childhood, but became an amazing man. I liked seeing Chase let down her guard when she was staying in that small town getting to know Gunner. This story was very well written and it made me feel all the feelings!
  • Swoon worthy & emotional

    By gingin615
    Swoonfest of goodness! Be still my heart with this heartfelt romance with delicious characters in Gunner and Chase! Their story is fabulous right from the beginning with the sexy connection and feelings that build to a marvelous romance. Until the explosion that you see coming from a mile away with Chase's secret. Devastation as the two come to terms with the real story and the aftermath. I love this series and this is my favorite story of all. The story of a veteran and his service and his continuing charity for his fallen brethren and their families is so emotional. Gunner and his backstory will bring a tear to your eye. There is so much more to this story than just the romance with complications the couple has to work through. There's family and friends and the sacrifice military personnel go through with their service to the country and its citizens. Gut wrenching stories of sacrifice and loss that this author handles in the best way. Plus the loss of loved ones and the effects on the ones left behind. Chase is grappling with the loss of her mother all these years later. I love this group of sisters and their love for each other. And then there's dad. I hope he gets a story. He needs a new love after all these years alone raising his daughters. I can see a delicious age gap with a KSM athlete. If this is the end it's a cherry on the top of a delicious sundae. Fantastic characters, an emotional storyline and a heart-melting romance. Absolutely terrific!
  • Such an amazing story!

    By MegM927
    5 Stars Hard to Lose by K. Bromberg is the fourth book in what has to be one of my favorite series ever, Play Hard. I have adored every single book in this series but let me just say, Hard to Lose is hands down my absolute favorite. From the very first page to the last, I was completely enraptured with this fictional world Ms. Bromberg created. This story was pure magic and I seriously never wanted it to end. Chase and Gunner were two incredibly well written characters. Different in so many ways, but at their very core, they were the same. They are both so used to showing the world one version of themselves that when they meet, neither were expecting anything. Sparks fly and heat up the pages as Chase and Gunner get to know each other. But nothing is as it seems and secrets are kept hidden. Will they get a fighting chance that both so deserve? I loved every single thing about this story. The chemistry, the desperation, the friendships...truthfully- just all the feels, so much that it kept me glued to the pages needing to know how it was all going to play out. Ms. Bromberg continually blows me away with her skill but this story was magical. You guys seriously don’t want to miss it! Highly recommend reading it!
  • Can’t miss Chase and Gunner!

    By GA Bookaholics
    I have to make a confession. This is the first K Bromberg book I have read in a while. I was lucky enough to get an early copy of this book and I am so glad I did! It quickly reminded (I’m talking within the first 5% of the book) how excellent a writer K Bromberg is and that I’m definitely going to have to read more of her books again. One of my top favorites is from her, the Driven series. Do your self a favor and check it out if you haven’t! Enough about that though, let’s talk about Hard to Lose. This story follows Chase, the youngest sister of 3 girls, and Gunner Camden, a war hero who has a lot of trauma in his past. This book is part of a series, but is a complete standalone. So much so that I didn’t even read or feel like I had to read the first book in the series to comfortably jump in to this one. That says a lot, because I don’t think I’ve ever done that before! Naturally though, because of how good this book was, the others in the series immediately went into my TBR piles! Chase is a sports agent in her family business and is constantly trying to outperform and show her family how efficient and talented she is. This isn’t done in a snobby way at all, more of a younger sibling just trying to prove themself to the older ones. She is highly motivated and attacks the day and her goals with a fire that is beyond impressive. Her go get ‘em attitude I think is one of the things Gunner falls in love with first! That and her overall confidence. Chase is the type of girl that everyone wants to be! Gunner has created an incredible life for himself after a lifetime of trouble, people who were supposed to love him letting him down, and multiple traumas from his childhood and his time serving overseas. The thing I love most about Gunner’s character is his passion for helping other kids who’ve gone through similar situations as him. He shares his love, his passion, his compassion, to those who need it and deserve it more than anyone but often get overlooked. If a girl doesn’t fall in love with a man like Gunner, I’d have to wonder what’s missing with her! While I’ve painted the dreamboat picture of Gunner and a fierce picture of Chase, they both have their downfalls. Their chemistry is on fire and you can tell that just through reading their story which is pretty incredible. The fire can burn, though, and sometimes when two people who are both a little guarded with their feelings and not comfortable with being vulnerable get together, they can end up hurting each other. Deceit is something Gunner has said he can’t come back from. Chase didn’t know it at the start, but is now struggling with a major decision on what to do. The end of this story is angsty and heartbreaking and leaves you wondering how it’s all going to play out. I’ll be honest, it didn’t end the way I thought it would. It ended similarly, but let’s just say I expected the roles to be reversed at the end, but I think it worked out well in the end! I really enjoyed this story and hope you’ll take a chance on it too!
  • 5 stars! One of my top favorites of 2021!

    By Lilyy89
    My favorite book in the series! I was about 20% in when I knew this book would be 5 stars. Do you know when was the last time I felt this way about a book I wasn’t even halfway through? I can’t remember. It’s been that long! Most of the times, I am nitpicking small things I feel could’ve been better. But with this story I found myself shutting that part out of my brain and simply enjoying Chase and Gunner’s story. Their witty banter, their beautiful yet broken souls, their flaws, and their fierce love. Seriously my favorite couple in the series so far! They complimented each other perfectly. I won’t go into the plot- just read it. I don’t hype what I don’t love. I sure wasn’t expecting to cry as much as I did. My heart was hurting in some parts, but I couldn’t stop reading it. This entire series has been good, but Kristy saved the best for the last sister. I’m definitely excited about Finn’s book. I can’t wait to see how Kristy redeems him.
  • 5 No Regret Stars! A must read!

    By mpatane5
    5 No Regrets Stars! This one is most definitely my favorite of this series. Gunner will sweep you off your feet. He is totally swoon worthy and sexy as all get out! Gunner and Chase’s chemistry is off the charts scorching hot and their journey will have you feeling all the FEELS! Prepare for a roller coaster ride of emotions in this phenomenal read.