So, That Got Weird - Amelia Kingston

So, That Got Weird

By Amelia Kingston

  • Release Date: 2019-12-24
  • Genre: Romance
Score: 4.5
From 380 Ratings


A painfully awkward love story.

Incomprehensibly awkward Elizabeth Wilde is desperate for love. Connection. Intimacy. After a lifetime of romantic failures, the twenty-one-year-old gamer realizes she needs help. Professional help. She needs...

A sex tutor.

The devastatingly hot jock Austin Jacobs is just the man for the job. As the reigning campus sex god, he has the playboy act down pat. But underneath those six-pack abs beats a broken heart. He doesn't trust people and he sure as hell doesn't believe in love.

The odd couple strike a deal. Four weeks of ‘tutoring' for five thousand dollars.

When Austin coaxes Elizabeth out from behind her computer screen, the attraction they feel is undeniable. They're both a little broken, but somehow their jagged edges fit. And when their world comes tumbling down on top of them, they each have to decide if this weird thing called love is worth fighting for.

Reader advisory: This book includes references to inadequate parenting, parental death, a parent with addiction. There are also scenes including the use of performance drugs.


  • Such an easy read and I really enjoyed it

    By Alyssa-excited reader
    I really enjoyed the plot and characters, I honestly couldn’t put it down at some points. It was an easy read and didn’t take me long. Although some of the reviews say the plot was too simple and cliché, I personally wouldn’t agree (I kinda knew what the ending would be) but it was an enjoyable read and I would recommend it.
  • Swept away

    By Merry Reader 5
    I appreciate Amelia Kingston as a writer. For one thing, you don’t notice you’re reading her book, you only notice the story itself which speaks to how well written it is. I’m not talking about grammar and vocabulary which is usually the first thing literary critics would poopoo a work for lacking. There’s a time and place for it. But who doesn’t want to be swept away by a story? I mean, that’s kinda the whole point, right? And Amelia Kingston does that in this book. Another thing I really like about her writing, she makes me laugh and giggle out loud and even gasp in surprise or shock at the heartbreak of a situation or words spoken. That’s something you don’t get from every writer. As someone who has read an ABUNDANCE of books and loves to read, I will be hoping that more of her titles will deliver the same sweeping away as this book accomplished for me. Because in the end, we all want to read the kind of book that will make you turn each page dying to know what will happen next and read the last one with that wonderful feeling of having experienced the the whole journey and wishing it didn’t have to end. Right on, Amelia!
  • Great

    By Alywolf679
    Slow start, but this book made me cry and i only wish it was longer

    By sherellesmith28
    I never leave reviews on books but this has to be my favorite book I have ever read. Excited to start book #2
  • Great character growth beneath the steam

    By Rainstrung
    I actually felt the heart aches for real in my chest! Loved the characters and their beautiful damage.

    By jewelbug112900
    I almost had to force myself to stop reading to sleep!! I just finished it and already want to re-read.
  • Couldn’t keep from reading it!

    By KY Redneck 23
    At first I was skeptical since I never read, but a few pages in I was hooked. I love how there is issues that are solved and how true love usually is! I would definitely recommend this to someone who loves romance (practically high school love stories)
  • Review

    By Stephlove4321
    I really enjoyed reading this. This book is immaculate.
  • So, That Got Weird

    By PalatableDinner
    While I appreciate how this book reminds readers that real love is unconditional, I found many aspects of the story problematic and stretched my suspension of disbelief, breaking the immersion and undermining the story. There are also a few typos. As a university graduate, pre-med isn’t actually a major, it’s a track that indicates an intent to enter med school, so whether Richard got her major wrong is up in the air. Professors don’t announce perfect scores in the US because grades are supposed to be private. Also, no one succeeding in pre-med has the time to be a gamer, much less be active on the forums and hold league responsibilities on top of it. This is also accounting for the fact that an hour a day to ten hours a week isn’t even remotely excessive, regardless of what Elizabeth says. As a female gamer, “Lizbit31415” is not a gender neutral name, since more familiar players would call her “Liz” or “Lizzie” as a result and it’s obviously Lisbeth short for Elizabeth. In game group video chat isn’t a thing because it doesn’t benefit gameplay, it’s difficult to moderate, and the number of players that would use it isn’t worth the resources required to implement and maintain it. Even if it were a thing, the fact that it appears to be public, since Austin can infiltrate it, and Elizabeth values her anonymity in and out of game, it doesn’t make sense for her to utilize the feature. She’d be using a third party program which would require getting an invite from someone in the group. Leagues in PC games generally don’t kick you for less than thirty days of inactivity because most players have lives and they wouldn’t be a large guild otherwise, especially since MMO nation builders aren’t popular, and Rule Them All makes it impossible to build a player base given that you can potentially lose all your progress because of a mere week of inactivity. The fact that she’s a seven year veteran and likely one of the larger contributors would grant her additional leeway, so getting dropped shouldn’t be a concern, and even if she did there’s nothing stopping her from simply rejoining. Concerns would make a little more sense if she were playing a mobile game on an emulator, but then the video chat wouldn’t at all. As someone who suffers from anxiety, Elizabeth doesn’t need a sex partner, she needs a therapist. Sex and/or a boyfriend as a solution for anxiety is problematic, and the way writers fetishize mental health like this is disturbing. Jackie’s toxic behavior goes unaddressed whether it’s the in game trolling, the disrespect for boundaries, or the body and virgin shaming. Despite Jackie’s claim, I’m fairly certain there are plenty of people who would love to bed Elijah Wood. This book also seems averse to religion while ironically coming off as preachy at times. I’m also fairly certain there’d be legal ramifications for the illegally obtained evidence and that it wouldn’t be admissible, but I’m not a legal expert. There’s a lot of cursing, a heads-up to those averse.