I'm Your Emotional Support Animal - Adam Carolla

I'm Your Emotional Support Animal

By Adam Carolla

  • Release Date: 2020-06-16
  • Genre: Humor
Score: 4.5
From 150 Ratings


Instant National Bestseller! Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestseller!

Three-time New York Times bestseller Adam Carolla is back to take on social media, social justice warriors, and a society gone to s**t.

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“As the revolution reaches its final, most humorless stage, there’s no better, braver, or more insightful observer than Adam Carolla. You may feel despondent about what’s happening right now. This book will remind you that you should also be amused.”—Tucker Carlson

In I’m Your Emotional Support Animal, Adam Carolla examines how our culture went careening off a cliff. We used to have one that created real warriors who fought world wars. Now it spawns social justice warriors who fight Twitter wars. He takes on those who are traumatized by Trump and “emotional support animal” owners who proclaim their victimhood at every airport. He stands up for the collateral damage of the #MeToo movement and for freedom of speech on “safe space” filled college campuses. Examining the calculated commercials churned out by Madison Avenue, like the ones about cars “made with love,” Carolla rants on ads designed to either bum us out or make us think the corporation is run by Mr. Rogers. Turning to social media, Adam takes down the “hashtag heroes” who signal their virtue daily from atop Twitter mountain. And in the era of the Roomba, performances by dead celebrity holograms, and meals-on-demand delivery services, he looks down the road at our not-so-bright future as a species.

“Adam and I agree on absolutely nothing but he’s a sharp, smart, funny guy to disagree with. And there’s a human heart under all the gruffness, snark, and melted cheese.”—Patton Oswalt

Frank, funny, and utterly unapologetic, this is not a book for those who need a trigger warning, but is THE book for everyone who wants to hit the snooze bar on the “woke” culture.


  • A Great Review of Our Society

    By Randazo J.
    Well said, Adam! Thanks for another enjoyable read.
  • Made the day fly by!

    By Nickname??! Huh??
    The book was very entertaining from start to finish. It made the day fly by. Thanks for being a person with common sense and not pandering to the woke nation. Thanks to you, every time I snip a wire and purposefully let it fall to the floor (with no intention of ever cleaning it up) I say “COROLLA!” in my head. It’s like saying “KOBE!” when you’re trying to make something in a basket, but more fun because you can’t ever miss. Now I never feel bad about leaving it behind since you gave me a purpose for doing it. Thank you for that! - an electrician
  • Superb

    Great book. Adam goes on some serious rants, as expected. But nothing too highfalutin like he can be from time to time. I enjoyed it a lot, especially the parts where he goes off from the book and does his own thing.
  • Funniest book I’ve read

    By Dr Liberty
    Laugh out loud every other page. Corolla has a firm grasp of social and political issues and can make them hysterical. Note to Adam: I felt your comment about Trump maybe using the N-word after getting beat by Tiger Woods was over the top. Yeah, I’m a Trump guy. As soon as I finished the book I ordered “Not Taco Bell Material.” Loved that too. Ronald Rockman
  • Woke...up

    By Caleb Whitman
    It is “literally” mind-blowing that a lot of what Adam puts in this book still has to be said. How long have we humans been on this planet and yet still idiocy spreads faster than basic logic. I’ll give this what Adam never needed to be as brilliant as he is..A+ Also Kevin, we appreciate you being the conduit to brilliance.
  • Amazing! So poignant and true.

    By Idontlikeroblox2783
    This book effortlessly and unapologetically talked about what’s wrong with society today; and even better, in the end, it offered a roadmap as to how each of us could cure society of those ills. I feel rejuvenated for having read it. Thank you Adam Corolla.

    By Clamshell614
    It’s hard to believe common sense has become so controversial. I am a big fan of Adam and I hope he keeps yelling his message for everyone to hear!