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Signs in the 2nd House

By Study Of Astrology

  • Release Date: 2020-03-04
  • Genre: Spirituality


The 2nd house in astrology is the sign following the rising in a natal chart. The 2nd house is is naturally ruled over by Taurus and represents themes relating to the element of earth. The most basic survival needs and things of value are key themes of this house. The 2nd house rules over the Personal Values and the Self Esteem of the chart holder. This house is controlled naturally by planet Venus and showcases emphasis on the personal finance side of life. The 2nd house shows attitude toward money and how one acquires or generates income for themselves. This house is also linked with attitude related to spending money and what one chooses to spend their money on. The Possessions one comes to accumulate in their life is also seen from the 2nd house of the birth chart.

Within this E book you will find explanations of what each zodiac sign ruling the 2nd house will represent for a particular birth chart. The sign ruling the 2nd house flavors the areas of life relating to personal values, self esteem, money generated, money spent and the possessions one comes to own. It is important to note that this book strictly covers the conditions of the house in an empty state. Having planets within the 2nd house modifies how the house plays out in the scheme of life.