DNS FIT KID Exercise Journal - Eliška Urbářová & Alena Kobesova

DNS FIT KID Exercise Journal

By Eliška Urbářová & Alena Kobesova

  • Release Date: 2020-03-23
  • Genre: Medicine


DNS Exercise Journal - A brochure for kids
This journal or DNS Fit Kid App is intended for coaches and therapists who use DNS FIT KID in their practice, particularly those working with young children and their parents. The application consists of twenty exercises based on five developmental positions and serves as a home exercise program for children aimed at both the treatment and prevention of musculoskeletal pain. More generally, these exercises can also be used as a fundamental, dynamic warm-up for not only common recreational play, but also youth athletic training.  
The DNS exercise app explains the developmental exercise positions to children in a fun, relatable manner, comparing them with the way animals characteristically move and pose. The concise text and colorful illustrations help to explain not only how the child ought to move, but also what they should feel during each movement or position.  Of course, these also describe how to detect and correct errors and movement faults typically found with each exercise.  
Furthermore, in order to help train exercise transitions, movement memory, mimicry, and team exercise (while also incorporating speech development), the DNS app has included a variety of rhythmic songs that are meant to be sung along with every global movement routine.  
By incorporating both animal imagery and catchy songs into each routine, the DNS Fit Kid App motivates children to exercise regularly in a pleasurable, playful way, while also emphasizing DNS principles like optimal posture and ideal movement coordination.