I Nearly Shit Myself 2 - Joe King

I Nearly Shit Myself 2

By Joe King

  • Release Date: 2020-04-12
  • Genre: Fiction & Literature


I Nearly Shit Myself 2, is a comedy/horror story with a strange type of entity, which will leave you looking down the toilet before you commit yourself, that is if your sense of humour is up it! This fun detective story from Joe KING, has plenty of humour/humor to give you something quite different to read!

A chemical leak has led to a strange creature growing in the sewers and is now seeking human flesh to reproduce. When people start to go missing in very unusual circumstances, the case is given to detective Mack McKenzie & his new sidekick Steve. Something weird is happening to the people of the city, and they soon realise they will have to go down the sewers to find out what is killing all them. Will they find out who, and what, is causing them to disappear? Or will it all just get flushed down the pan!