Helsinki Noir - James Thompson, Pekka Hiltunen, Leena Lehtolainen & Riikka Ala-Harja

Helsinki Noir

By James Thompson, Pekka Hiltunen, Leena Lehtolainen & Riikka Ala-Harja

  • Release Date: 2014-10-13
  • Genre: Short Stories


The 14 stories in this Akashic noir anthology provide a bizarre and gruesome window into this outwardly tranquil and snow-covered city of Helsinki.”—Publishers Weekly
In Akashic Books’s acclaimed series of original noir anthologies, each book comprises all new stories set in a distinct neighborhood or location within the respective city. Now, the spotlight is on Finland and its southern capital of Helsinki, a city “synonymous with noir. There is a darkness in the Finnish soul, perhaps echoing the country’s long winter nights, that lends itself to tales of horror and degenerate behavior” (Reviewing the Evidence).

This anthology features brand-new stories by Leena Lehtolainen, Johanna Holmström, James Thompson, Antti Tuomainen, Jesse Itkonen, Joe L. Murr, Jukka Petäjä, Tapani Bagge, Pekka Hiltunen, Teemu Käskinen, Tuomas Lius, Riikka Ala-Harja, Karo Hämäläinen, and Jarkko Sipila.

“True fans of the macabre will enjoy some of the more disturbing tales, such as Jukka Petäjä’s ‘Snowy Sarcophagus,’ in which the bodies of two women are discovered preserved in life-size snowmen, and Antti Tuomainen’s ‘The Script,’ which is told from the point of view of a Finnish film and television producer who also happens to be a serial rapist . . . Readers should be prepared to keep the lights on at night after finishing this unnerving collection.”—Publishers Weekly
“Every story is atmospheric . . . and every one has a neat sting at the end . . . The best and blackest in the noir series yet, and a treat for short story fans. Highly recommended.”—