Under a Siena Sun - T.A. Williams

Under a Siena Sun

By T.A. Williams

  • Release Date: 2020-08-27
  • Genre: Romance
Score: 4.5
From 36 Ratings


Lucy needed a change of scene. She didn’t expect the change of a lifetime.
Doctors Without Borders has been Lucy Young’s life for the past four years. After an emergency extraction from a conflict zone, she’s making a change from saving lives under gunfire to practising medicine in safe, serene Siena.
Now treating obscenely wealthy patients at a private clinic, she's never felt less comfortable. She’s used to helping those in dire need – not those in need of a nip and tuck. Her turmoil grows when she encounters injured tennis star David Lorenzo, whose potent smiles make Lucy forget her aversion to the rich.
She’s soon falling for the sportsman but feels like she’s losing herself in this world of excess. All she’s ever wanted was to help the underprivileged and be a positive change in the world, so can her future lie in Siena at the clinic – with David?
This sunny romance is the perfect summer escape for fans of Lucy Coleman and Alex Brown.


  • Liked this BUT

    By Slvilove
    The main character goes ON AND ON about how the wealthy and famous people in Italy are privileged and how unfair privilege is—as compared to the job she previously worked at a tiny clinic in Africa. That’s all true, DEF., but what’s frustrating is that she relates to the people in the African village as though she is one of them—and thereby is appalled by great privilege. HOWEVER, as much as she grouses, SHE is not a native of a war torn country and is very privileged HERSELF. She never acknowledges her OWN extreme privilege. She doesn’t take into account how being able to snap up a new home and car and furniture without having a job (or not starting it yet, so obviously having enough money on her own) is EXTREME PRIVILEGE. She is so embarrassed of other people’s privilege, which is fine, but at least be honest and acknowledge how much more privileged being able to do the things I mentioned make her compared to SO MANY in the world. I mean she really goes on and on about it and never recognizes how privileged she is, which is irritating and offensive. Besides her constant comments it’s a fun read.