Who Are You: The Spiritual Awakening Self Discovery Guide For Enlightenment And Liberation - Rohit Sahu

Who Are You: The Spiritual Awakening Self Discovery Guide For Enlightenment And Liberation

By Rohit Sahu

  • Release Date: 2020-06-03
  • Genre: Hinduism


Have you ever thought after reaching your goal why aren’t you happy? It’s because that is not what you need to be happy.

The major problem today in this world is that everyone is searching for joy in materialistic objects like money, fame, respect, and whatever. But the fact is, the most successful personalities in the world which you admire so much are not happy at all! If that was the case, they won’t ever get depressed or sad. Is that what the reality is? No, in fact, they’re the one who takes depression therapies and drugs to be happy.

What are all the fundamental problems that we all face? There is a sense of lack that exists in all of us, a sense of loneliness, a sense of incompleteness, a sense of being restricted, a sense of fear, fear of death. So these fundamental problems can only be overcome through self-investigation; there’s no other way around.

Being happy is a basic nature of human beings, just like the basic nature of fire is hot. But the error we make is we’re searching for happiness outside, which is impossible to achieve. Say, you wanted something for a very long time; what happens after you achieve it? You’ll be happy for a while, but then you’ll need something else to be happy, you’ll then run after some other goal; it’s an endless cycle!

The good thing is, there’s a way to be happy at every moment, but to make it happen you must understand in a peaceful state of mind “Who Are You?”
You’ll have to self-enquire! This book is based on one of the most popular Indian Scripture “Ashtavakra Geeta” that reveals the ultimate truth of mankind. It will open the doors for you on how we can achieve self-knowledge and be fearless. All your fears and doubts will come to an end; not temporarily, but forever. All internal conflicts will fall to zero, and psychological pain will cease to exist.

This is not just another self-help book; this spiritual workbook will help you achieve liberation and be self-enlightened!

Reading this book:
✔️You’ll attain everlasting peace
✔️You’ll understand the real meaning of spiritual awakening
✔️You’ll understand spirituality over religion
✔️You’ll get the answer to 'Who Are You?'
✔️You’ll be fearless
✔️You’ll be free from bondage and be able to achieve liberation
✔️You’ll get the key to everlasting happiness and joy
✔️You’ll grasp the real essence of spirituality and the awakening self
✔️You’ll get to know about spirituality for the skeptic
✔️You’ll discover your higher self
✔️You’ll be able to experience the joy of self-realization
✔️You’ll find what spiritual enlightenment means in Buddhism
✔️You’ll know how to achieve or reach spiritual enlightenment
✔️You’ll know what happens after spiritual enlightenment
✔️You'll get the answer to why you should have spiritual awakening

And this is a book not just for adults but also for kids and teens.

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