Meniere Man. Let's Get Better - Man Meniere

Meniere Man. Let's Get Better

By Man Meniere

  • Release Date: 2016-07-03
  • Genre: Medical


Read a truly remarkable success story on how a Meniere sufferer has been able to live the symptom free life for over 15 years.

With his self-help regime he now has, no bad days, no brain fog, no vertigo, no dizziness, no worry, no anxiety or stress, no thinking about Meniere's.

Now he’s a Meniere survivor sharing his own personal account of how he achieved his recovery, without invasive surgery and a determination to avoid medical 'cures'. With this in mind he devised a self-help regime that enabled him to be symptom free and live the Meniere free life.

He wrote Let’s Get Better with the hope you will become free of fear and the disabling effects of Meniere’s, as he is today.

Part one of this bestselling book is a memoir that takes the reader from life before Meniere's to diagnosis, through severe acute attacks to the point, where the author's positive attitude turned his life around.

Part two covers in easy to read chapters, everything Meniere Man did to make a 100% recovery. Each chapter shows you exactly what he did, to get better.

His positive and holistic approach to Meniere's shows you simple and effective ways for making the recovery he did.