Japanese Conversation Tool Basic - Mr. Miyazawa

Japanese Conversation Tool Basic

By Mr. Miyazawa

  • Release Date: 2020-06-30
  • Genre: Asia


*This is the basic one distributed for free. For the advanced one, check from the author page.

No more language barriers!

Many useful phrase boxes which travelers tend to ask, by location and situation Even don't have to try to pronounce those boxes, you can just point out them to tell what you want to tell or ask Referable anytime quickly without internet connections Easily you can search and go back and forth via internal bookmarks and TOC function Continuous update to be made
About this ebook
This ebook is the spin-off ebook from our major travel guide ebook "Japan Travel Guide 2020" and distributed for free for the below purposes:
1) To enhance the communication experience during Japan travel which international travelers find the most difficult problem in Japan
2) To get you to know our primary product, "Japan Travel Guide 2020" through introductions of it

Why this conversation tool is created?
One of the biggest issues for international travelers in Japan is the language barrier because English availability is still limited to major places such as public transportation and sightseeing places, and not many Japanese people can talk in English yet.
However, the Japanese language is too complicated to learn in a short period, so we started to create this conversation tool, that you can just point images on this ebook or pronounce as instructed, or you can even ask Japanese people to point images to get their answers.
This is just the beginning - we will add and update contents continuously and updated one is re-downloadable, deleting the old one.