A Court of Silver Flames - Sarah J. Maas

A Court of Silver Flames

By Sarah J. Maas

  • Release Date: 2021-02-16
  • Genre: Fantasy
Score: 5
From 1,366 Ratings


Sarah J. Maas's sexy, richly imagined series continues with the journey of Feyre's fiery sister, Nesta.

Nesta Archeron has always been prickly-proud, swift to anger, and slow to forgive. And ever since being forced into the Cauldron and becoming High Fae against her will, she's struggled to find a place for herself within the strange, deadly world she inhabits. Worse, she can't seem to move past the horrors of the war with Hybern and all she lost in it.

The one person who ignites her temper more than any other is Cassian, the battle-scarred warrior whose position in Rhysand and Feyre's Night Court keeps him constantly in Nesta's orbit. But her temper isn't the only thing Cassian ignites. The fire between them is undeniable, and only burns hotter as they are forced into close quarters with each other.

Meanwhile, the treacherous human queens who returned to the Continent during the last war have forged a dangerous new alliance, threatening the fragile peace that has settled over the realms. And the key to halting them might very well rely on Cassian and Nesta facing their haunting pasts.

Against the sweeping backdrop of a world seared by war and plagued with uncertainty, Nesta and Cassian battle monsters from within and without as they search for acceptance-and healing-in each other's arms.


  • okay but not great.

    By Alexis-76
    This series started as appropriate for late teens early college age people. As the audience has aged so has the tone of the writing and not always for the better. I found the repetition of the F word unnecessary and disappointing. Also the sex scenes were very adult and unnecessarily graphic. The reason I love young adult books is that this type of graphic writing is not usual. The main story is good but did not need 700 pages to get there. Liked the early books better.
  • Loveeedddd

    By feyrestar
    Sarah never disappoints.
  • Raw

    By Smurfydee
    This book tapped into some really deep raw feelings that i think many can relate to. Nesta’s journey is our journey. Thanks Sarah for writing such an honest book. It will go down in my history as one of my all time best books ever.
  • don’t make what could be a good book difficult to read

    By zimray2
    the author apparently cannot seem to go more than two paragraphs without throwing the f-bomb into another rather misrepresented thought on the part of the main characters. as a fan of these books, i am rather disappointed that such degradation of speech would be added just to come across as more edgy. if one is devoted to the characters already, and knows their nature, one would think such profanity would not be necessary. it rather comes off as lazy on the author’s part. ms. maas, you are a forger of stories, and i still love this book, but please endeavor to assume your readers know well enough to understand the characters feelings without the continual use of profanity.

    By Porkchop/Lulu
    I’ve read others reviews on how this story is so similar to Feyre and Rhys’ but it isn’t. They’re are small ones, because in the beginning Feyre didn’t want to be a Fae either, but Nesta’s story is MORE. We learn more on the acolytes and priestesses, and we get a read inside of Nesta’s head. We finally get to understand why she was so horrid to her youngest sister. We learn sooo much on how Nesta, BECAME Nesta! Maybe it’s because I read all the previous books most recently thanks to a dear friend of mine - I’m talking about you Morgan! - that I’m seeing these differences so clearly. I have two sisters of my own and I know first hand how cruel oldest sisters can be, but we love them anyways. And this really puts their relationship in the story, and not just small glimpses! Did I read all 80 chapters in a matter of two and a half days? Yes - don’t judge. The sex was there and it was wonderful to read, but we get to see more of their emotions (Nesta and Cassian’s) and how their relationship actually is born, not just because of the mate bond, but because they grew to love each other even if Nesta didn’t realize at first. It’s a beautiful story and I cannot wait for the next in the series, if there is one!
  • Love love love it

    By spchgeek
    I can’t tell if this is truly my favorite book of the series as I have loved these books sooo much! What a great read from beginning to end !!!
  • Simply Amazing

    By tallbit_2
    By and far the best book of the series. Loved it from start to finish. I am still in aww after having read it so recently.
  • New

    By Gala0580
    Great book
  • It will move you in untold ways..

    By kacarter2
    I have never read a book that spoke to my heart in so many ways. This entire series has brought me on a psychological journey that has utterly changed my perspective on many things. On myself. Nesta’s has been the one I most relate to. Sarah, I believe, achieved success in taking us all on this adventure. You will feel every facet of emotion, sometimes the same as the characters and other times that will find you at odds with them. Sarah J. Mass is a master at weaving plot and character development in ways we rarely see. This is a series that will continue to grow in the hearts and minds of readers, not just for entertainment, but to look and say this... this is humanity in its rawest form. The veil of fantasy is only as thick as your imagination is thin. Embrace this splendor, and tell all your friends that this series should be next on their must read list. Read well darlings xoxo
  • Worth the wait.

    By ps214
    I wish there were more coming from this series. I haven’t been able to stop reading since the release on feb 16.