Winter's Collection - Connor Whiteley

Winter's Collection

By Connor Whiteley

  • Release Date: 2020-10-01
  • Genre: Short Stories


If you love thrilling, fast paced, magical fantasy adventures. You will love these fantasy books!

Winter's Coming

Exiled princess of a taken empire, Abigail Winter must take up her birth right. 

Abbigail is running and fighting for survival. She must survive no matter the cost.

Can she reunite her people and take back her empire before her foes end her?

If you love fantasy stories full of adventure and fast-paced page turning fun, you will love this first in series book! 

Winter's Hunt

Abigail Winter finds her target. The hunt begins.

When she finds the location for a cultist, Empress Winter must go into unfamiliar territory to find her prey. 

Can she hunt her target down before disaster strikes? 

If you love fast-paced action-packed fantasy stories, you will love this great second addition to the series!

Winter's Revenge:

A trapped Empress. A Leaderless Empire. A Battle to End Them All.

Empress Abigail Winter must escape for the sake of the world.

Abigail doesn't know where she is. She has no magic. She knows the enemy moves against her. Abigail knows her escape is the world's only hope.

Can she escape in time to stop the Cult? Or will her empire and world pay the ultimate price for her mistake?

If you love fast paced thrilling fantasy adventure books, you will love this epic conclusion to this fantasy trilogy!