Plan for Aging Well - Stephanie Erickson

Plan for Aging Well

By Stephanie Erickson

  • Release Date: 2020-09-17
  • Genre: Family & Relationships


We're doing aging wrong. Our healthcare system delivers quick interventions that act as band-aids and fail to include the entire family. Our medical model focuses on the body and neglects the mind and soul, which are essential to our healing and comfort. Older adults are often scared and alone when they need more attention, support and love.

If you're a caregiver, you'll find the advice and resources you're looking for on how to support an aging relative. Perhaps you're worried about preparing for growing older yourself. Plan for Aging Well helps you create a viable plan to guarantee you have the financial, legal, family and healthcare support you and your loved ones need as you age.

Stephanie Erickson, a clinical social worker and family caregiving expert, drew on her in-depth knowledge and experience in this invaluable book. 

Plan for Aging Well:
Shines a light on the challenges and failures of our current eldercare system.Offers solutions for meeting older adults' physical, emotional and spiritual needs.Explains how to create a collaborative team approach to aging well.Includes step-by-step guides for all scenarios in a family's aging journey.