Bound to the Dark Elf - Lisa Kumar

Bound to the Dark Elf

By Lisa Kumar

  • Release Date: 2020-10-16
  • Genre: Paranormal


Liar, murderer, traitor … these are all names Eamon has been called, and he wears them with pride. Depending on which side one falls, those titles are only too true. But it's all part of his orchestrated manipulations. Up until the day he was banished from the fae land of Eria, he had schemed for millennia to protect his people, even resorting to murder. As punishment, the Erian king exiled him on Earth to live amongst the lowliest creatures of all — humans. Yet one frustrating and captivating woman shakes his ingrained beliefs to the core.

Newly minted physical therapist Caralyn Alberts has been drawing images of a handsome, otherworldly stranger for as long as she can remember. She's chalked it up as a fluke occurrence of life. But when she finds the arrogant Eamon sprawled out on the ice at a local park, her life becomes just as slippery and dangerous as the hauntingly familiar elf. Enemies, friends, and unwilling partners inundate them from all sides. 

When Eamon's treacherous past makes a reappearance, they'll have to trust each other in order to keep their hearts — and their very lives — intact.

This story is the third book in the Mists of Eria series and contains adult content. This book was previously published under the same title and has a new cover and fresh edits. 

The Mists of Eria series will be a crossover with The Faerin series. Kaiden and Ashlee from Crashing into You, the first Faerin book, appear in this story.