The Relic - Addison Cain

The Relic

By Addison Cain

  • Release Date: 2020-10-19
  • Genre: Paranormal
Score: 4
From 17 Ratings


"A darkly delicious hero who had me laughing at his audacity. Vlad is as witty as he is swoony, and as flabbergasting as he is delicious. Five stars!" - KD Robichaux, International Bestselling Author

Eternal, immortal love.
She knew me by another name when the world was young, a name that strikes terror into the hearts of man and monster alike. My wife—the jewel of my kingdom, cossetted in her gardens as a girl and raised to be the perfect queen—dared die in my arms.

But not until I drew from her an oath that she would be reborn.

For millennia I have walked in the sun and I have ruled the darkness, waiting. Some might even say I have gone mad in my longing for what fate dared steal from my grasp.

Until I hear her song and find a treasure buried and forgotten. My Pearl.

Reborn, delicate, damaged, and afraid.

I, who love her above all others, she does not recognize. My bride cowers as if I'd bring her harm.

So she must be wooed, healed, fed, lavished with every pleasure the modern world might offer. She must learn that real love is everlasting, and though I may look every bit the monster, for her, I will strive to be a perfect angel. 

THE RELIC contains the darkly romantic culmination of Pearl's HEA, featuring an insane demonic hero who is utterly captivated and sweet as the perfect poison. 


  • Not sure what to say.

    By amandaryan1980
    Not for the faint of heart, blood, gore, and lunacy. Pearl is free, at least in a sense, her mind is still toyed with of course and there was never a reunion with Jade. Jade however, got her hea at least. Glad had his funny moments, especially with the Yelp reviews. That and him this devil who is a lost puppy in love.
  • Pearl!

    By 2js4me
    Loved every minute of this. So glad we got to see Pearl and her rescue, if we can call it that. Cathedral was fantastic and this is a great next chapter. I’m this one can be read as a stand-alone, but I do recommend reading the other first. I love all the heat and connections and darkness., as always when it comes to Ms. Cain.
  • Amazing

    By beautyguise
    Absolutely freaking amazing! Couldn’t put this down. I knew Pearl and Vlad were going to be complicated and oh so fun. I can’t believe I went through it so quickly. I need more. I love how we can learn so much in so little time. How those personalities just flourished in this book. The strength that was hidden within Pearl is amazing.
  • Comedy where?

    By Mindame
    For a book that was a sequel and was supposed to be a comedy I had a really hard time with it. In the beginning it was hard to read because I had a hard time telling who was talking/thinking. Instead of showing how being ancient made them crazy it just made it a hot mess. The nonchalant way in which Cain would drop truth bombs actually started to make me mad. Like she’s over here blowing my mind and trying to put pieces together and she’s dropped 5 other things to try and grasp at the same time. Just from being an avid reader it seemed to me that a lot more time was put into the second half of the book. The plot was better developed and actually seemed to follow a plot and story line. The beginning just seemed like she was rushing to set us up for the story. This is the first time I’ve ever been disappointed. But I will adamantly remain a Cain fan!
  • Totally Sweet!

    By Mochabreeze
    Nice ending to a great series. Addison never fails to pull out all the punches with many surprises. This was a good read that made me smile, laugh and forget about our troubled world. I was so glad to finally read Pearl’s story. I recommend this series. Suggest reading them in order. Overall, delicious!
  • Loved it!

    By smrae
    What a masterpiece! This author did not disappoint with this much anticipated installment to this series. This story was so unique and unexpected! It had great humor and a wonderful story to tell of a woman trying to resist a very very sexy vampire. It was a hot read and you will most likely fall in love with Vlad. The yelp scene was humor and the book definitely can be considered quirky. Reminds everyone to just be entertained and not take things so seriously. I enjoyed it immensely and can’t wait for more! The ending was great!
  • Super satisfying

    By rysonsmom
    This is the third part of a trilogy and while you don’t really have to read the previous books, it would help a lot. A super satisfying ending! I loved how Pearl and Jade finally got their HEA after what they both had to endure. The writing was definitely well done with a bit of gore to let you know you’re not reading any regular story by a regular author. Loved it!
  • Delicious, dark, and riveting

    By RIDdleMeKiss
    Engaging and all consuming, this dark romance brings together romance and religion to show us how a god treats his lost queen returned. Pearl is healed and restored and Vladislav is made whole once again. I appreciate the lightness and humor of this tale, especially in contrast to its predecessors. It’s well written, interesting, and has two characters we can’t help but root for. Beautifully done!