The Item of Monumental Importance - Zachry Wheeler

The Item of Monumental Importance

By Zachry Wheeler

  • Release Date: 2019-01-06
  • Genre: Science Fiction


Dip your toes into the award-winning book series!

"I did laugh out loud on several occasions. Truly, this short story is another worthy of the Douglas Adams mantle." - Keith Lane, TG Geeks

Max shifts between parallel universes whenever he falls asleep. A curious affliction, especially for a nerdy teen tasked with a holy quest.

Max awakes to a wondrous realm with dragons, elves, and a highly munificent genie. However, the lands have been corrupted by a dark and deadly magic. Max and his merry crewmates must save the kingdom by braving an endless barrage of fantasy tropes.

* Haven't read the books? No problem! Max and the Multiverse shorts are stand-alone tales that serve as entry points into the series. And if you're hungry for more, this short also includes the first chapter of book one as a springboard into the saga.

* Also available in the Series Box Set (3 Books, 3 Shorts).