Hiss Bot Hank - Zachry Wheeler

Hiss Bot Hank

By Zachry Wheeler

  • Release Date: 2020-10-26
  • Genre: Science Fiction


Dip your toes into the award-winning book series!

"I love seeing how utterly over his head Max is sometimes, and how he manages to work it out. Well worth the time to read this one." - Eric Michael Craig, Rivenstone Press

Max shifts between parallel universes whenever he falls asleep. A curious affliction, especially for a nerdy teen fighting an alien scourge.

Max awakes to the horrors of war. Fire fills the sky as bolts of plasma rip through the battlefield. He tries to gather his bearings, but his new body is annoyingly limited. As frustrations mount, he gets targeted by a mechanized menace.

* Haven't read the books? No problem! Max and the Multiverse shorts are stand-alone tales that serve as entry points into the series. And if you're hungry for more, this short also includes the first chapter of book one as a springboard into the saga.