Garro: Mistress of Blood - Connor Whiteley

Garro: Mistress of Blood

By Connor Whiteley

  • Release Date: 2021-03-01
  • Genre: Fantasy


A dying Faithful World. An unstoppable Plague. One hope to save the galaxy.

The fate of the galaxy hangs by a thread.

After brutal years, Garro finds the location of the Mistress of Blood. He knows he must travel to a world that hates him. Garro knows the fate of the reality is in his hands.

Can Garro find the Mistress of Blood and the Devourer before disaster strikes? Or will Garro's life change forever?

If you love fast-paced action-packed thrilling science fiction fantasy novellas. You will love this book.


The starting point of this fantasy and science fiction storyline is Garro: Heresy.

The Garro Series:
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