Hearts of Tar - Lisa Kumar

Hearts of Tar

By Lisa Kumar

  • Release Date: 2021-06-05
  • Genre: Paranormal


She entered his woods. Now she can never leave.

When twenty-year-old Miri Summerland follows her younger sister into the Dark Woods, she thinks death is to be their fate. Instead, their lives are shaped into something so much more gloriously worse at the hands of the handsome but otherworldly fae leader, Eerin. He and his people have blackness flowing through their veins, but she wonders just how truly dark they are.

Compelled by magic and the Change, she embarks on an intimate relationship with the human-hating leader that leaves her awash in lust and confusion. Will something more come out of their mutual need, or will they lose their lives and people to a desire that should've never existed?