The Unplugged Alpha - Richard Cooper

The Unplugged Alpha

By Richard Cooper

  • Release Date: 2020-11-27
  • Genre: Family & Relationships
Score: 4.5
From 80 Ratings


Most men today are sent off into society with a broken belief system, which they use to make choices, that get them terrible results with life and women.

Men have been conditioned to be the quintessential "nice guy." They're trained to be overly humble, kind to a fault, and that just "being themselves" is enough to attract and keep the woman of their dreams. Men are told to believe that conventional masculinity is toxic, and to put women ahead of their own interests, passions, and purpose.

This has led to an entire generation of men forming very unhealthy attachments to women that they, unfortunately, often make their sole focus of their lives.

The playbook to women and life has changed, but most men missed the memo. 

Do you want to succeed, and level up in every area of your life?

If so, then this book explains:

- The importance of maximizing your looks, money, social status, and game.

- Why it's essential to get genuine burning desire from a woman who wants to date you.

- The top 20 red flags that you must vet women for a long term relationship.

- How to become one of the top 20% of men that women swipe right for on online dating.

- Why smart men avoid marriage. And much more.

This book exposes the comforting lies you've been told throughout your life for what they really are. Enabling you to become a truly authentic Alpha that chases excellence, and leads a successful passion-filled life.


  • Great tool

    By Mickgraz96
    Great tool for life. Inspirational. 2nd book I’ve ever read
  • Rich is The Goat!!!

    By Butch Harlins
    Absolutely Fantastic. I wish this book was out 10 years ago!!!!
  • Fantastic book

    By Htimswerd
    Every man should pass this book and it’s maxims onto their sons. In a generation or two, we may actually revert back to a healthy society. Thank you Rich for these succinct and true points. Well done
  • Must read

    By Charlieones
    This should be on the required reading list for all men.
  • Red pilled

    By Ralph genuis
    This Book makes me want to live a better life, I’ve been depressed for the most part of my 20s, frustrated by the comforting lies of society. Richard Cooper (my red pill coach) has given hopes for the future and a better understanding of how things work.
  • Eye opener

    By B!R!G123
    Every man should read this book in their life time especially if you are a young and up coming man!
  • Thank you

    By 81G.Leanin
    Thank you for this amazing book. Learned a lot and excited to continue my journey.
  • Just a Getaway

    By Just a Getawy
    This book confirmed that I wasn’t wrong about the feeling I was having about the women I dated. It wasn’t me. I just don’t want to be a Beta man.
  • Eye opener

    By RJTercero
    Exposes the cold hard truths about female nature and how to play the game
  • Good book

    By Vharr5
    Good book. Very honest which I like. I thought it would talk about more than just a mans relation to a woman but overall a good book. Very easy to read.