The Avant Champion: Redeem - CB Samet

The Avant Champion: Redeem

By CB Samet

  • Release Date: 2020-09-15
  • Genre: Epic


Seven stones. A dark wizard. And the final quest.

Abigail must repair the fractured stone within Malos's scepter to restore peace. To do so, she'll have to travel across the globe to collect the magical Che stones. With the help of an ancient apparition and a headstrong thief, she embarks on her quest. 

But the world is in chaos and peril lurks at every passage. 

Malakai must help repair the magical stone and restore peaceā€”for the sake of this generation and those to come. But every step of the journey brings Abigail closer to danger and the two of them closer to their inevitable separation. 

As a dark wizard plots against them, danger closes around them.