Off Grid And Mobile Solar Power For Everyone: Your Smart Solar Guide - Lacho Pop, MSE & Dimi Avram, MSE

Off Grid And Mobile Solar Power For Everyone: Your Smart Solar Guide

By Lacho Pop, MSE & Dimi Avram, MSE

  • Release Date: 2021-01-02
  • Genre: Lifestyle & Home


Attention: This book will help you get fast and easy your efficient and cost-effective off-grid or mobile solar power system.
It will show you how to design and quickly install the solar power system you always dream of.
Imagine there is a solar power book written by real engineers for those who can't get started.
A book without complicated math, fluff, and fillers.
A straight to the point step-by-step guide showing you in layman terms how to choose your solar equipment, design and install your solar system to become a proud builder and owner of an efficient and cost-effective off-grid solar power system.
A book containing clear and practical illustrations helping you to grasp even more quickly solar power matter and discover its secrets easily.
A book showing how to scale up fast, easy and cost-effectively an off-grid or mobile solar power system.
It is the book "Off Grid And Mobile Solar Power For Everyone."
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There are a lot of solar books on the market. Most of them are difficult to understand. They require engineering education or background.
Unfortunately, there are a lot of solar books as well written by unqualified authors.
They are full of do-it-yourself myths or misleading information that can cost you a lot of money or put at risk not only your solar equipment but also your life!
This book is written by real engineers for solar power enthusiasts who are making their first steps in the world of solar photovoltaic energy. Here you will find the essentials of off-grid solar systems revealed, explained in an easy-to-follow-and-grasp manner.
The book, however, is also targeted to medium and advanced solar users due to its systematic and simplified step-by-step approach to solar system design.
The sizing formulas are simplified in a way which does not sacrifice their accuracy to be of help for those who just cannot get started or hate mathematics. A more sophisticated version of these formulas is given in the appendices at the end of the book.
Although mobile solar systems are a subset of off-grid solar, they do require some particular attention and have their specifics when it comes to component selection and system design. All these details are carefully noted and explained in the book. What is more, a whole chapter devoted to mobile power system sizing describes in a step-by-step manner how to design a system that is both best-performing and cost-effective.
By reading this book, you will discover:
Solar power and electricity basicsEnergy efficiencyOff-grid system configurationsSolar (photovoltaic) panelsBatteries in off-grid systems:
- Lead-acid batteries
- Alkaline batteries
- Li-Ion batteries
Charge controllers: PWM and MPPT controllers – a detailed comparisonInverters and specifications of off-grid invertersOther solar power system equipmentScaling an off-grid solar power systemDesigning an off-grid solar panel system: from site survey to selecting the system components, i.e., solar panels, batteries, charge controller, inverter, wire, fusses and over-current protection devicesOff-grid system sizing examples
- Sizing a solar system for a summer house
- Sizing a mobile solar system
Installation and maintenance of off-grid and portable solar power systems
...and much more.
Start building your solar power system for your RV, camper, camper or your off-grid home, cabin, lodge today!