Double Infinity - Michael Campling

Double Infinity

By Michael Campling

  • Release Date: 2020-08-27
  • Genre: Fiction & Literature


Brent is happy, goddammit.
And it's driving him nuts.

What he needs is a case. Something he can get his teeth into. And when Maisie breezes back into his life, he just might get what he wished for. But as ever, Maisie brings trouble, and this time, it's Vince who's in hot water.

Why is Vince behaving so strangely, and what terrible secret does he carry?

Find out when you read Double Infinity.

Rejoin your old friends on The Gamulon and The Kreltonian Skull. There's trouble brewing in the cold void of space, and with an interplanetary war hanging in the balance, Dex picked one hell of a time to go on holiday.

You'll crack a smile with this book, because unless your heart is colder than an Andelian ice squid, you'll love this eclectic blend of sci-fi and comedy.
Start reading it now.

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Double Infinity.