The Surrana Identity - Michael Campling

The Surrana Identity

By Michael Campling

  • Release Date: 2020-08-25
  • Genre: Fiction & Literature


Finding a missing person. An easy case for Brent Bolster.
Unless that person happens to be an elite assassin.

Assassins, spaceships, and aliens all washed down with a double ristretto – it's time for another adventure for Brent Bolster space detective.
Join Brent, Rawlgeeb, Vince, Dex, Zeb, and many more of your favorite characters in this adventure across space.
The hired killer known as Surrana is missing, and it's Brent's job to find her. But he'd better take care. The Guild of Assassins look after their own, and they won't stand idly by.

You'll love the twists and turns in this sci-fi comedy, because we all love a book that takes us by surprise.

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The Surrana Identity

Double Infinity.