Dead Men Don't Disco - Michael Campling

Dead Men Don't Disco

By Michael Campling

  • Release Date: 2020-08-25
  • Genre: Fiction & Literature


Brent has a plan. And it had better work...
...his life depends on it.

Brent has made plenty of enemies in his time, but none so deadly as Surrana, an assassin from the planet Gloabon.
Now, he must face his fearsome adversary. He'll need wit, cunning, and high-level strategic problem-solving to survive.

In other words, he's screwed.

Brent has all the tactical subtlety of a casually lobbed Molotov cocktail. Alone, he doesn't stand a chance.
But he has one thing going for him: his team.
Will Rawlgeeb, Vince, and the others come through?
Working together, will they live to fight another day?
Or will Brent's efforts result in a terrible interplanetary war?

Find out when you read Dead Men Don't Disco.
You'll be glad you picked up this sci-fi comedy, because everyone loves a good laugh.
So get this book today.

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