Sunburnt Country - Nicole R. Taylor

Sunburnt Country

By Nicole R. Taylor

  • Release Date: 2021-04-02
  • Genre: Fantasy


An ancient curse. A forgotten promise. When the past comes knocking, maybe it’s best to keep the door closed.

After a lifetime of searching, elemental Eloise Hart has found a new home amongst the exiled supernaturals of the remote Australian Outback town of Solace. But just as she begins to settle, trouble begins to brew.
Like Eloise, witch Vera Walsh has a troubled past of her own, and when it comes knocking it awakens not only her guilt, but something far darker than she ever expected. Everything is at risk, including the one thing the Exiles of Solace vowed to protect above all else.
As arcane fire threatens to overwhelm them all, and the heavy hand of the law reaches towards them, the Exiles face the ultimate dilemma…
How far are they prepared go to keep their home from falling into the hands of evil?

Sunburnt Country is the second book in Australian Supernatural, a magical series set in the red heart of Outback Australia where myth and magic live alongside the harsh and unforgiving land.