Guarding Her (Books 1-3) - Anna Brooks

Guarding Her (Books 1-3)

By Anna Brooks

  • Release Date: 2021-01-31
  • Genre: Short Stories


They will risk it all to protect what's theirs.

Nobody gets in their way and nothing will stop them.

These are the men of Royal Ace Security.

If you like protective alphas, you'll love this collection of bodyguard romances featuring books 1-3 in the Guarding Her series.



She was off limits. Too young. The boss's daughter.


I knew it all along, but it didn't change the absolute possession I felt when it came to her... nothing would change how I felt about her.

So I did what I had to; I waited until the time was right to make her mine, only to find out there is one thing that could ruin it all.



I could tell this girl was lost.

She was also scared and alone. This life was going to destroy her... If I let it.

She refuses my help and protection until she realizes the audition she's attending isn't an audition at all. It's an auction. And she's about to be sold to the highest bidder.

I've got the money to buy her, but better than that, I've got the power to save her.



It was supposed to be a normal job. Another tour with another superficial singer.

But the first time I put my hand on her lower back, it was over. Leave it to a five foot nothing, blonde haired, blue eyed pop princess to knock me on my ass.

I'm not the only one who wants her though. But in the end, I'll be the only one who gets all of her. Because while everyone else is screaming her name, she's moaning mine.