Memory of Love - Lydia Reeves

Memory of Love

By Lydia Reeves

  • Release Date: 2021-02-23
  • Genre: Contemporary


It's hard to live in a small town with your ex…let alone the same house.

Jeanne has a good thing going. A satisfying life, a successful career, a responsible boyfriend, and joint custody of her six-year-old son. She even gets along with her obnoxious ex-husband…mainly by avoiding him at all costs. But then one night, a devastating fire forever alters the course of her simple, comfortable life. With nowhere else to go, will she find herself back in the very place she vowed never to return?

Jeremy is living the dream. Traveling the globe, raking in cash, taking the fine art world by storm…and his new book is a runaway best-seller. Everything is smooth sailing, just how it's always been, until the day a scandal breaks and everything he's worked for starts to fray at the seams. The one thing that could make it worse? His ex-wife moving into his house.

As they work to rebuild their lives, will their already rocky relationship destroy any chance of finding happiness? Or will they start to discover that people change and maybe they don't have to make the same mistake twice?