The Naked God - Peter F. Hamilton

The Naked God

By Peter F. Hamilton

  • Release Date: 2009-02-11
  • Genre: Adventure
Score: 4.5
From 128 Ratings


The Confederation is starting to collapse politically and economically, allowing the `possessed' to infiltrate more worlds.

Quinn Dexter is loose on Earth, destroying the giant arcologies one at a time. As Louise Kavanagh tries to track him down, she manages to acquire some strange and powerful allies whose goal doesn't quite match her own. The campaign to liberate Mortonridge from the possessed degenerates into a horrendous land battle, the kind which hasn't been seen by humankind for six hundred years; then some of the protagonists escape in a very unexpected direction. Joshua Calvert and Syrinx fly their starships on a mission to find the Sleeping God -- which an alien race believes holds the key to overthrowing the possessed.

The Naked God is the brilliant climax to Peter F. Hamilton's awe-inspiring Night's Dawn Trilogy.


  • Worst Book (series) Ever

    By Jedrocks
    Is there anything lower then one star? Could have possibly made one good book if someone could edit. So many uninteresting unrelated stories going on made it impossible to follow or to even care. So happy it's over. God this book sucked.
  • Overlong

    By TomByTheSea
    These books are well written, and the author does display a great deal of inventiveness and imagination. However, this whole trilogy is much too long. All three amount to over 3000 pages worth of story. There is a multitude of characters and plot lines, many of them quite unimportant to the main storyline. I found myself growing impatient and skimming through these sections. If the author had excised a few of these, he would have written a shorter, better story and perhaps had time to think up a better ending.
  • Great trilogy

    By Zeustiak
    This is the third book in an awesome trilogy by Hamilton. I highly recommend this series along with everything else written by this author. Pandora star and dreaming void series are a couple others by Hamilton that I would suggest to you.