Fantastic Realities - Frank Wilczek

Fantastic Realities

By Frank Wilczek

  • Release Date: 2006-03-13
  • Genre: Science & Nature


With a contribution from Betsy Devine

Podcast of Frank Wilczek and Betsy Devine's interview with Steve Mirsky of Scientific American

The fantastic reality that is modern physics is open for your exploration, guided by one of its primary architects and interpreters, Nobel Prize winner Frank Wilczek.

Some jokes, some poems, and extracts from wife Betsy Devine's sparkling chronicle of what it's like to live through a Nobel Prize provide easy entertainment. There's also some history, some philosophy, some exposition of frontier science, and some frontier science, for your lasting edification.

49 pieces, including many from Wilczek's award-winning Reference Frame columns in Physics Today, and some never before published, are gathered by style and subject into a dozen chapters, each with a revealing, witty introduction.

Profound ideas, presented with style: What could be better? Enjoy.
Contents:Constructing This World, and OthersMusing on MechanicsMaking Light of MassQCD ExposedBreathless at the HeightsAt Sea in the DepthsOnce and Future HistoryMethods of Our MadnessInspired, Irritated, InspiredBig IdeasGrand OccasionsBreaking into VerseAnother Dimension
Readership: Students, scientists and lay people.