Siddharta - Hermann Hesse


By Hermann Hesse

  • Release Date: 2011-03-21
  • Genre: Fiction & Literature


This book is an allegorical tale of a Brahman boy who seeks peace and enlightenment after leaving his well off circumstances. He sets his goal to self-denial and ascetic life among the numerous holy men than roamed the land in that time. After dissatisfied with ascetic life he seeks love and wealth in the city. His best friend becomes the follower of Gotama Buddha but Siddhartha is not satisfied to do the same. Finally he meets the ferrymen and learns to listen to the river. This and meeting and parting with his son are the heights of the book. The river represents the eternal and timeless existence and oneness, and the meeting and parting with Siddhartha's son represents the attachments as obstacles to reach enlightenment.