The Crossroads Ghost - Rob Shelsky

The Crossroads Ghost

By Rob Shelsky

  • Release Date: 2011-03-09
  • Genre: Suspense


Madison's stay on the moors was an escape from hectic London, a chance to recover from a failed relationship. But one night, she spies a hooded figure kneeling over the lonely grave of a suicide, a young woman buried at a crossroads to protect her soul from the devil. But when love is involved, worse things than the devil can haunt someone, and this seems to be the case here.

With the help of an unlikely ally, a handsome young prankster coincidentally named "Addison," she must try to solve the mystery of the Crossroads Ghost. But to do this means venturing into the realm of the supernatural, to find out what really happened to the girl in the first place.

Then, against seemingly impossible odds, Madison, along with her new boyfriend, must somehow help the dead girl. Can Madison discover what the secret of the haunting is? Can she help the girl and herself in the process? And does she have the courage? Much hangs in the balance, including her own new relationship with Addison. But what Madison must face is daunting, for it may involve nothing less than altering events long passed, the lives of people long dead.

Based on true events, The Crossroads Ghost is a fictional story of the crossroads grave of Kitty Jay, a real suicide. Buried at the intersection of a country road and a cart lane on the moors, because she was denied internment in sanctified church ground, her grave stands as a lonely testament to lost love, a short life, and a real haunting. It is said by several witness that a hooded figure appears at night, seemingly mourning the dead girl. No one ever sees the face of this specter. This, according to reliable reports, has been going on for over two centuries now.

The Crossroads Ghost, a paranormal romance and ghost story of the first order!