Simon Simple & The Dark Tower - Rob Shelsky

Simon Simple & The Dark Tower

By Rob Shelsky

  • Release Date: 2011-07-09
  • Genre: Fantasy


Sorcerers, witches, and "Magick?" For a street kid in Boston to have a strange woman chasing him is bad enough, but when he finds out Cybelle is a witch and a "spotter," as well, Simon Simple's life takes a crazy turn. He tries to escape, but Cybelle finds him. Reluctantly accepting her proposal, he ends up at Sleepy Hollow on a trial basis, among sorcerers and witches, and where High and Low Magick, and not just "magic" are practiced.

There, trying to fit in, he makes friends with Jacob and Cassandra, only to discover he is very "different," has strange powers, such as making lightning balls that are just too big, dangerously so. And to be different in a place where time bends, cats talk, salamanders and bats act as spies, trees are entrances to subways, and some witches can't cast a permanent spell, is no small thing!

And what is it with those bats that keep flying about him? What do they want? Why do sinister forces seem to be gathering against him? Who are his parents and are they still alive? And what of the Nemesis and the Great Fall, not to mention the mythical Omni Sorcerer?

There are so many questions for Simon to answer, including what lies hidden in the Dark Tower. For an exciting read, check out Simon Simple & The Dark Tower, the first of the thrilling Simon Simple series.