Bloom County - The Complete Digital Library, Vol. 1: 1980-1981 - Berkeley Breathed

Bloom County - The Complete Digital Library, Vol. 1: 1980-1981

By Berkeley Breathed

  • Release Date: 2011-09-06
  • Genre: Humor
Score: 4.5
From 107 Ratings


Specially formatted digital edition! Collecting every strip from December 8, 1980, through December 31, 1981, in chronological order, with a new cover insert by Breathed. Berkeley Breathed’s Bloom County burst onto the American comic scene in December 1980 and it soon became one of the most popular comic strips of all time. The endearing and quirky denizens of the strip included Milo Bloom, Steve Dallas, Michael Binkley, Cutter John, Bill the Cat, and Opus the Penguin. Bloom County was a strip that dealt with many issues relevant to the period. Occasional “Context comments” are added throughout this collection, giving the reader a greater understanding of the time. This is the first time Bloom County has been collected in a digital library. IDW will add more volumes, one year per volume. Each newspaper strip is reproduced in chronological order from first to last. Great effort has been made to ensure the highest production values are achieved.


  • Problems with format

    By Gwfff234
    For some reason, the format is turned 90 degrees. Great comics but bizarre problem with display.
  • Hilarious!

    By DMaiden
    Still laughing until I cry!!!
  • LOVE EM!!!!!

    By nuctigerbill
    Can't wait for year four!!!!
  • Loved it!

    By Fmhansen
    Great to get each comic and see how many of the stories came together. There such a great irrevent joy in Bloom County that makes you smile plus a great look back at the early 80's. For the price, this a steal.
  • Great Book, Terrible Formatting

    By Allan.Mackenzie.Graham
    Bloom County is still fresh and funny, even after thirty years. It is great to see the development of the characters and the topical humor that are the hallmark of Bloom County. Five stars! However, the book is formatted so that two pages show at a time, making the text unreadable. A double-tap will zoom in on one page, another will zoom you out, and a third will zoom the second page. Easy enough, but badly designed, it makes the reading into a tedious exercise. See Foxtrot for an example of how to do it right. Minus one star.
  • The return of my favorite strip!

    By StewDaPew
    Thank you Berkeley for reuniting me with the strip of my youth. Looks like I am in your debt yet again.
  • Blooming awesome!

    By Johv
    Please forgive the pun in the title of this review. Couldn't help myself. I had forgotten how much I loved this strip. I had also forgotten how insipid the times were. We thought Sarah Palin maybe had an original thought with drill baby drill.....and then we get reminded that James Watts wanted to turn all public land into oil fields. Bloom County......the Daily Show of it's time.
  • Great format for these strips

    By JB's grabbag
    If there's a problem with the quickly expanding library of American Comics (both IDW's imprint and the broader set of comic strip reprints from several publishers) it's that there's not enough shelf space, at least in my home but I bet yours as well, to accommodate the widening collections of decades-long comic strips being preserved in archival omnibi. Here, IDW resolves that problem for folks who would like to read these strips without necessarily devoting a length of shelving to store them. One strip per clearly designed "page," with occasional commentary from Breathed about the strip's content, and the images look good as you zoom in. I don't know how closely this matches the physical book's presentation, but one year's worth of strips for $8 seems a fair price. One star off because the page turns aren't all that smooth, and sometimes when I zoom in it doesn't stay fixed at that size.