Memory Improvement: How To Improve  Your Memory in Just 30 Days - Ron White

Memory Improvement: How To Improve Your Memory in Just 30 Days

By Ron White

  • Release Date: 2011-11-23
  • Genre: Self-Improvement
Score: 4.5
From 26 Ratings


* Have you ever walked into a room and couldn't remember what you went there for?

* Have you ever grasped the hand of a potential client and then when the handshake broke, the name seemed to disappear from your memory?
* Or have you ever left a prospect or an important meeting and as you drove away remembered a key point that you should have shared with them?

The problem is NOT with your memory. The problem is with the "Filing System" your brain currently uses to store and retrieve memory items. Change the filing system and you'll double and even triple your memory comprehension.

Two-time USA Memory Champion Ron White will teach you the same 2,000-year-old memory method that he has already taught thousands to:

* Give presentations and speeches without notes...
* Memorize chapters of books word for word...

* Retain information from workshops or training classes…

* Improve your grades and study skills…

* Remember names and faces, even years later…

* Routinely memorize 100 digit numbers after hearing them only once…

* And lots more!

--> Includes an offer for a FREE video of Easy As 1-2-3 Memory Tricks


  • amazing

    By 44king
    This is the first review I have done. I used the principles in the book and have found that it is a great way to remember things. I think the information is worth more than what I paid!
  • OK

    By Prophet Amos
    There is a mistake on page: 71 of 222. Sentence: "She said that when they moved her son SAID that they were not done packing.” Only error in the book.
  • Excellent and Easy Guide to Improving Memory

    By Chitownrolla
    I felt this was one of the best self help books I've read in my life! I apply the techniques in this book to everyday life to help me memorize anything I truly want to retain. Everyday I practice these techniques I become more efficient at memorizing things and one day hope it becomes second nature to me. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to improve there memory.
  • Great!

    By Jman4523
    I loved this book. I am currently in college and Ron has laid the foundation for I read and remember list, names and long list of numbers. I will definitely recommend this to my friends!!
  • Worth the read!

    By supermentat
    As a flight student going through primary training, this was invaluable in helping me memorize tons of information in a short amount of time. I'm reading it again!
  • Amazing!

    By Nexxcashmere
    I'm glad that I bought this book. Very simple and easy to understand lessons on improving your memory and I feel like it's a great addition to my life's perspective.