Surrender: a Regency Historical Romance - C.J. Archer

Surrender: a Regency Historical Romance

By C.J. Archer

  • Release Date: 2012-01-25
  • Genre: Historical
Score: 4.5
From 30 Ratings


This book is also available with 3 other stories in THE 4 SCOUNDRELS BOX SET: A PIRATE, A SPY, A MERCENARY AND A ROGUE. Each book in the boxed set is available separately, but by buying them in a bundle, you're getting a better deal! Contains SURRENDER, REDEMPTION, THE MERCENARY'S PRICE, COURTING HIS COUNTESS.


"The dynamic between Alexander and Georgina during Alex’s bouts of opium-imposed lunacy gave Surrender a very Beauty and the Beast-like vibe. This story is paced as brusquely as a waltz, and gets down to the good bits in record time. It’s a story fit to read on or near your fainting couch because the verbal games of cat and mouse, and steamy scenes will buckle your knees. Surrender appealed to the historian and romance lover in me. Alexander is an irresistible character, and so well written! All of C.J. Archer’s male MC’s have the pull of Damon Salvatore from The Vampire Diaries. There’s just something primal and magnetic about them that charms the ever-loving pants off of me." ~ 5 stars, Me Read A Lot blog"


Gentleman spy, Alexander Redcliff, murdered his colleague. It's an event he can't remember, except in his nightmares. Suppressing them is the only way to keep his sanity, but forgetting is no longer an option.

Only one woman can save Alex from himself.

Georgiana Appleby is a most unconventional lady. Prejudice shadows the physician and scandal is never far away. Forced to take Alex as her patient, she must not give into the rogue's advances or she will risk losing her career and her heart.

Will Alex's fierce longing for Georgiana be enough or will he surrender to the darkness inside?


Like one of my other stories, COURTING THE COUNTESS, this book deals with a controversial topic. In the case of SURRENDER, the hero is addicted to opium. Addiction is not sexy, and after writing a few chapters, I realized how difficult it would be to make Alex a worthy hero to Georgiana. He was a real challenge to wrestle onto the page. He's got a ferocious temper and doesn't want to be cured, making poor Georgiana's task even more difficult. In the end, however, I fell in love with him. Of all the heroes of all the books I've written, Alex has the most difficult path to follow and I wanted him to make it to his happily-ever-after so badly. I admit that I made myself cry as I wrote the ending to SURRENDER, but I'm a bit of a softy. I'm curious if you'll like how I ended the story.



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