GREECE - 100 Travel Tips - Helen Ellis

GREECE - 100 Travel Tips

By Helen Ellis

  • Release Date: 2012-01-24
  • Genre: Europe


Planning a holiday to Greece? Go the easy way with "GREECE - 100 Travel Tips." It's a must-read for independent travelers. This is not a guide book, but it contains guidelines and helpful advice, liberally sprinkled with personal experiences and descriptions. Here's a quote: "Greece is not a pretty country - rather it’s stunning, and at times awesome, and always fascinating. There is a magical quality to Greece - it's a place where you can have a sudden overpowering feeling of belonging on God's earth, where you can discover self-worth and well-being. Rugged mountains rise so high the clouds stick to their shanks like skirts. From pallet-box blue seas, dry rocky islands rear up like dragon’s teeth. Tiny towns, like white sugar cubes, cling precariously, scatter across, spill down, or cower between steep hillsides of gray stone. They pool into cities in the lush valleys, or spread-eagle at the edge of perfect bays." "GREECE - 100 Travel Tips" begins with "When does one go?" then looks at how to get around, what to take, what to expect, the various accommodations, the food, the traditions, and other topics like island-hopping, the sights, outdoor activities, the environment, entertainment, even shopping. There is a section with advice for Senior travelers too. So - do you want to see as much as you can, or just veg-out in peace under the Mediterranean sun? Visit museums and archaeological sites? Go on an island-hopping adventure? Socialize with the villagers? Just want to see the countryside as easily as possible, or would like a challenge? Do you have four days, two weeks, a month, three months? "GREECE - 100 Travel Tips" won't plan your actual trip, but will lay out the options. The fun part will then be knowing how to make the difficult things easy, and therefore creating a trouble-free visit to this amazing country a certainty.