Focus - Jim Gray


By Jim Gray

  • Release Date: 2012-02-17
  • Genre: Philosophy


Every expert in journalism and politics has jumped into the arena of thought with a multitude of books on their opinions The Book `FOCUS' is a look at Arrogance and Greed as an American cancer, it applies analytical engineering skills to humanities problems in today's world from an engineer's stand point, that of an everyday citizen; a `Joe plumber', whose had all we can take of being told we are un-American by our politicians, it intends to speak out on behalf of the everyday citizen who may have serious doubts as to what is what. It offers solutions which seem to be logical and somewhat easy to see. Though easy to see they require a major rethinking of the constitution to fit the modern society's situation. Simply tired of talk show host and media moguls pointing out the problems but shy of offering difficult solutions for which they could be held accountable. Engineers or Plumbers just aren't satisfied with finding a cause of the problem, but are about fixing it. That sometimes requires redesign or fix, correcting design errors. But we do eventually FIX IT. The Lawyer wants arbitration until either a compromise or settlement occurs. Media Moguls want to have an endless supply of Sensational Stories. Politics may be how it sounds, Poly (many) + Ticks (blood suckers). Political (this or that occupation) well, draw your conclusion.