Godsend 8: The Value Of A Woman - K. Elliott

Godsend 8: The Value Of A Woman

By K. Elliott

  • Release Date: 2012-01-19
  • Genre: African American


Godsend 8: The Value of a Woman

In the eighth book of the Godsend Series, the underground private investigators set out to discover the person responsible for killing Milana Rockerson, a beautiful call girl. The victim's father offers a bonus if the killer is delivered to him; the bonus is bigger if the killer is handed over unharmed. No use running those conditions by Echo who, after injuring his right hand during a mouth-provoked fist fight, becomes revenge-driven when he learns that Brian has been abducted by members of the Echelon Escort Service.

Somebody knows something, and they better start talking. Not even a paraplegic in a wheelchair is exempt from Echo's wrath. However, too much talk reveals some disturbing details about additional crimes against children. Echo, Kiandra, and Etceterra are faced with the task of rescuing Brian as well as three young girls who are at the mercy of a few pedophiles. But what's taking them so damn long? By now Brian has a black eye, sore ribs, a couple of knots on his head, and a bruised face. If he doesn't give the owner of the escort service some answers, he will literally be considered an "underground" private eye--coffin and all.