Godsend Series 1: 5 - K. Elliott

Godsend Series 1: 5

By K. Elliott

  • Release Date: 2012-02-15
  • Genre: African American


Brian Cathcart and Inell "Echo" Harrison set out to solve missing persons cases and cold case homicides that the police have given up on, and they don't give a damn about any laws that may be broken along the way. Godsend Investigative Services will get results for the right price.

In this 5-story edition, which is a compilation of the first five books in order, Brian and Echo will cross paths with a war vet who has PTSD, an FBO criminal profiler who sells information, a Mexican gang that kidnaps children, a construction worker who is dying for a good fist fight, a few rappers who also pose as robbers of fancy restaurants, a murderous cop who has been promoted to detective, a Middle-Eastern terrorist couple, and a reverend who has a radio station and a deadly past. But even with this heads-up notice, you still won't be prepared for this violently savvy thriller series and its constant, over-the-speed-limit pace.