Hiring Virtual Workers - Joseph Powell

Hiring Virtual Workers

By Joseph Powell

  • Release Date: 2012-05-20
  • Genre: Business & Personal Finance


Discover How to Hire Virtual Workers Effectively!

Hiring virtual workers can be a frustrating process. Since you're not interviewing someone face to face, it's harder to judge his or her professional skills.

If the applicant seems likeable, outgoing, and interested in your company, it's tempting to hire them right away. But if that person turns out to be lazy and unqualified, you've just wasted unnecessary time and energy—and back to square one you go!

How do you go about hiring the best virtual workers?

Here is what you will learn inside:

# Chapter 1 Outsourcing Software
# Chapter 2 Blueprinting
# Chapter 3 The Best Outsourcer
# Chapter 4 The Best Outsourcing Sites
# Chapter 5 Project Management

Keep in mind that hiring virtual employees that fit all the requirements is not always easy. But with experience, you will quickly find the best workers that are suited for your project.